Market Watch / Dr. Akikur Mohammad 10 things rehab centers won’t tell you May 16, 2014

Our success rates may mean little.

The statistics about relapse notwithstanding, rehab centers often tout their effectiveness – and say they have the numbers to back up their claims. Many quote success rates of 70% or higher. But those claims depend on how “success” is defined. In some cases, the figure may only refer to the completion rate – that is, the percentage of people who finish the program. Or it could mean a relatively short period of post-program sobriety — say, a year after completing treatment. And any post-program figure may be questionable since it could be a self-reported one (in other words, it’s a number that’s only as good as an addict’s word). The bottom line, says Dr. Akikur Mohammad, a psychiatrist who teaches addiction medicine at the University of Southern California, is that any success rate that sounds too good to be true probably is. The programs play with numbers to “get some patients, to get some money,” he says.

Still, some programs stand by their figures. Cliffside Malibu, a high-end treatment center in California, reports a 70% success rate – based on one-year of post-program sobriety. And while program founder and Chief Executive Richard Taite allows that “people can make all sorts of outlandish claims” in the industry, he notes that Cliffside does extensive monitoring to make sure its rate is accurate. “I have a full-time research fellow on staff,” he says.

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Dr. A R Mohammad

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Celebzter / Dr. Constantino Mendieta The verdict on Nicole Kidman’s strangely puffy face: ‘This is a classic case of when a beautiful woman goes too far’ May 15, 2014

Kidman's appearance at Cannes had people wondering what she did to her face
Kidman’s appearance at Cannes had people wondering what she did to her face

Her new film Grace of Monaco has been savaged by critics as it opened the Cannes Film Festival today (Wednesday) .

But it’s not just the biopic about the movie-star-turned-princess Grace Kelly that is attracting attention — also the film’s star, Nicole Kidman’s oddly puffy face.


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ABC 7 - The Denver Channel / Dr. Akikur Mohammad Some say heroin rescue drug is a lifesaver, others predict increase in overdoses May 15, 2014

Should naloxone be available to everyone?

Steve Kamenicky, right, waits for Chicago Recovery Alliance volunteer Erin Scott to finish his paper work before he can get Naloxone.

When Jody Waxman heard a loud noise in her home, she thought her cats might be up to something.

“I got upstairs, I saw Alex on the floor, flat on this back with foam coming out of his mouth. I couldn’t budge him,” Waxman said.


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Monsters and Critics / Dr. Damon Raskin Donald Sterling Dementia Theory Discounted By Top Doctor VIDEO May 13, 2014

“it looks like Donald Sterling isn’t going to sell off the Clippers for a half billion dollars and use that money to get scientists and engineers to build him a time machine so he can back to the 1800s  and live his racist dream by owning a bunch of slaves. (“Take me wit you, Donnie!” – Paula Deen)”   -

Video thumbnail for youtube video Cliven Bundy, Meet Donald Sterling VIDEO - Monsters and Critics

The notion that Donald Sterling possibly having dementia is being whipped into the mash of tabloid media thanks in large part to his wife, Shelly Sterling, and her infamous Barbara Walters interview.


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Medical Economics / SignatureMD Direct-pay medical practices could diminish payer headaches May 8, 2014

Concierge medicine

Concierge medicine practices charge an annual fee that can range from $1,200 to $10,000, depending on the practice.

There are several models that physicians can choose from when transitioning a practice to concierge from traditional fee-for-service.


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