Spirit Of Women National / Concierge Choice Physicians Should You Take a Sleep Aid? May 4, 2017


Whether you’re juggling multiple projects at work or tackling your to do list at home, a good night’s sleep makes everything easier. (more…)

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Medical Economics / Concierge Choice Physicians What the Obamacare repeal bill means for physicians March 13, 2017


One of President Donald Trump’s big rally cries during his campaign was that he was going to get rid of Obamacare, and the new president seems to be getting his wish. On March 6, House Republicans released legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with its American Health Care Act (AHCA). (more…)

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Healthcare Finance / Concierge Choice Physicians Hybrid models give concierge medicine a boost for physicians, patients March 8, 2017


Increasing physician burnout led by reporting requirements and the need to increase care volume to meet financial needs has more doctors thinking about embracing a concierge medicine model to ease those burdens. (more…)

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Reader's Digest / Concierge Choice Physicians 11 Weird Tricks That Really Do Help You Go to Sleep March 6, 2017

Bed Books Bedroom Blanket Cover Cozy Cushion

If you want to fall asleep faster, think about staying awake. “It sounds counter intuitive, but for those who find it difficult to sleep because they keep worrying about not falling asleep, do the opposite,” says Sujay Kansagra, MD, director of Duke University’s Sleep Medicine program and Mattress Firm’s sleep health consultant. (more…)

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Health Business Blog / Concierge Choice Physicians Concierge Cardiology: podcast interview with Wayne Lipton February 23, 2017


Wayne Lipton runs Concierge Choice Physicians, which converts traditional physician offices to “hybrid”concierge practices that provide new options for patients and increase physician income. While we typically hear about concierge practices in primary care, the model is expanding to other specialties.


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Fast Company / Concierge Choice Physicians What Happened When I Forced Myself To Wake Up At 5 A.M. Every Day For A Month February 6, 2017


Early risers get a lot of good press: They are supposedly more productive and possibly better problem solvers. But after a month of forcing myself out of bed at 5 a.m., I learned that getting up early isn’t always the best thing for you. (more…)

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Physician's Money Digest / Concierge Choice Physicians Physicians Play Important Role in Improving Health Literacy December 19, 2016


The National Assessment of Adult Literacy indicates that only 12% of adults have proficient health literacy. Or more importantly, 14% of adults have Below Basic health literacy. (more…)

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Sonima / Concierge Choice Physicians Are Sulfites Bad for Your Health? December 14, 2016


When you sip a glass of wine or eat a dried apricot, you might be getting more than you bargained for: More than likely, you’re consuming a mouthful of sulfites, sulfur-based compounds used to preserve certain foods, drinks, and even some medications and cosmetics. (more…)

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Prevention / Concierge Choice Physicians Here’s Why Your Poop Smells Different Than Usual November 16, 2016


Let’s face it, nobody’s poop smells great, but if you’ve noticed that yours is even more pungent than normal, it might be a sign that something’s going on in your body.  (more…)

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Prevention / Concierge Choice Physicians How Often Is Too Often For Diarrhea, And When Should You Worry? November 16, 2016


For starters, everybody poops, and there’s no “right” way to do it, says Larry Good, MD, a board-certified gastroenterologist affiliated with Concierge Choice Physicians. “Each of us poops differently,” and some people always tend to have BMs that are kind of watery–and that might be fine, he says. The key is to pay attention to what’s normal for you.  (more…)

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The Hill / Concierge Choice Physicians Eat your way to a healthy heart November 11, 2016


An individual’s lifestyle has emerged as one of the most important determinants in the development of present and future cardiovascular disease. The major benefits of a prudentlifestyle are its significant effects on the cells that line the arteries. (more…)

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U.S. News / Concierge Choice Physicians Is Peripheral Neuropathy Causing the Numbness or Tingling in Your Feet? November 1, 2016


In September 2015, Rebecca Cole noticed tingling in her toes. Within a few weeks, the tingling changed to numbness, which spread to the soles of her feet. (more…)

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Medical Economics / Concierge Choice Physicians How physicians can transition to an insurance-free practice October 28, 2016



But by setting your own reasonable fees for services, physicians can see 15 to 18 patients per day rather than the 60-patient cattle-call model you might find while practicing under insurers’ thumbs. Plus, you won’t need to bring in a physician’s extender, such as a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant, to help manage the patient load, nor the extra management staff to deal with endless insurance issues. (more…)

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Huffington Post / Concierge Choice Physicians PHARMACEUTICAL ADVERTISING: UPSIDES & DOWNSIDES October 11, 2016


by Wayne Lipton, Managing Partner, Concierge Choice Physicians

Creative advertising is not synonymous with effective medicine. With billions of advertising dollars spent today by Big Pharma in an avalanche of hype, it’s time for consumers to pause and consider the significant distinction between marketing claims and actual education. (more…)

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The hill / Concierge Choice Physicians When should I get my flu shot? September 19, 2016

Flu vaccine will protect against the three influenza viruses tha

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your flu vaccine!


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The Stir / Concierge Choice Physicians New Ban on Antibacterial Soap: Everything You Need to Know September 8, 2016


For many years, we’ve been told that plain soap and water just won’t cut it, and that frightening germs linger under every uncleaned nook and cranny.

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Scary Symptoms / Concierge Choice Physicians GERD vs. Costochondritis Symptom Comparison August 25, 2016


Read full article here

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Healthcare Dive / Concierge Choice Physicians ICYMI: Here are the challenges providers can expect with CPC+ August 23, 2016


On Aug. 1, CMS announced 14 regions selected for a five-year medical home model, Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+). The aim is to give doctors the freedom to decide what types of care will deliver the best outcomes for their patients and then reward them for achieving those results. (more…)

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The Huffington Post / Concierge Choice Physicians Weighing High Deductible Medical Insurance: Who Benefits? July 28, 2016

Weighing High Deductible Medical Insurance: Who Benefits?

Wayne Lipton, Managing Partner, Concierge Choice Physicians

Americans have an unquenchable thirst for the best–and that means healthcare too.  But does more care translate necessarily to better care?  How much is too much?  Is some care not necessary?   And most importantly, who decides? (more…)

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