Monsters and Critics / SignatureMD Medicare crisis tackled by SignatureMD for average consumers December 8, 2011

December 8, 2011

Medicare crisis tackled by SignatureMD for average consumers

American company SignatureMD is among the handful of private enterprises successfully bringing solutions to average families for the health care crisis – without government involvement.

In 30 days Medicare cuts to doctorpayments are scheduled to be slashed by a drastic 27.4%. Already operating on the thinnest of profit margins, most primary-care doctors in private practices – the typical family doctor – are trembling over the prospect of losing up to 50% or more of their income as a result.

Most will bleed red; many will go bankrupt. This AP article from earlier in the week underscored how many doctors are planning exit strategies from their businesses now, whether or not the cuts actually are made. In other words, they’re sick and tired of the whole system and want out sooner rather than later:


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Orange County Register / Dr. Constantino Mendieta The Pippa ‘lift’: A new plastic surgery trend December 5, 2011

Oct 1, 2011

The Pippa ‘lift’: A new plastic surgery trend

Women all over the world coveted Pippa Middleton’s ivory, Sarah Burton-designed dress as they watched the royal wedding. Some viewers also wondered how they could look like the perky maid of honor.

Now plastic surgeons have dubbed a procedure to make that happen the “Pippa butt lift.”

Does the desire to replicate that region of the body sound familiar? Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have been recent role models for some women.

But reports in the media say that Pippa’s posterior is the new paragon, especially for petite women.

“The latest craze here in the U.S. and all over the world is to get the ‘Pippa Butt Lift,’ “ Miami-based celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta told FOX411′s Pop Tarts. “Once the breast implants reigned supreme, now it is the buttocks that are considered a woman’s best asset.”

ABC’s “Good Morning America” earlier this week interviewed a patient of Mendietta, a 28-year-old single mother who went for Pippa’s look. “Her frame just looked incredible in that dress,” said the woman, Christina Valdez. “I love the results … I feel sexy.”

The procedure involves lipsuction on the stomach, with that fat transplanted into the buttocks. The surgery takes 2 hours; Recovery can take 6 weeks.

The body contouring craze also is being met with criticism.

“If you want a nice backside,” suggested one commenter on ABC’s website, “lift weights and build the glutes. You don’t need to ‘sculpt fat’  in that area. You can’t build breasts, but you can certainly build an attractive backside.”

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Read More / Dr. Nicholas Nikolov Tighten Your Face Before The Holidays December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

Tighten Your Face Before The Holidays

It’s the time of year when you see family and friends that you only see once a year. We all want to look our best so we get our hair and nails done and buy new dresses. But what about those new wrinkles? There are some simple plastic surgery procedures you can do to “tweak” your look just in time to see that third cousin who always looks perfect.

Here’s 5 procedures that Nicholas R. Nikolov, M.D., F.A.C.S. recommends to do before the holidays since they require minimal or no recovery time:

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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Tush Talk: Dr. Mendieta Talks Proper Buttocks-Enhancement Proceedure November 29, 2011

?Nov 28, 2011

Tush Talk: Dr. Mendieta Talks Proper Buttocks-Enhancement Proceedure

The desire to have a bodacious bottom in Miami is bigger than other American cities, as the climate allows for little clothes and is known for sexy bodies, gorgeous beaches and beautiful people, all celebrated in numerous rap videos and TV shows like Showtime’s “Dexter” and USA’s “Burn Notice.”

Style icons like Sophia Vergara, J-Lo and Kim Kardashian also have elevated the tush as a focal point, with rounder and bigger being better.

Dr. Constantino Mendieta has perfected a procedure where he lifts and plumps your buttocks through an incision in the gluteal crease. It rejuvenates the buttocks without major incisions. The result is a perfect Bikini bottom.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Mendieta moved to his parents homeland in Nicaragua. His uncle – a plastic surgeon – reconstruct the disfigured faces of war victims, restoring them to near-normal appearance. Dr. Mendieta made his career path early in life as he was deeply affected by his Uncle’s reconstructive skills. He returned to the United States to complete his secondary education and build his practice.

Dr. Mendieta’s practice is in Miami, Florida, where he has perfected his own method of butt enhancement.

As we age so many unfortunate things occur, one of them being the effects of gravity on your largest muscle group covered in fat: The Gluteus Maximus.

Similar to how fillers are pumped into faces to rebuild lost volume from age, so can your bottom be plumped up with fat.  Not just any fat, but your own fat, which makes it a win-win of asset redistribution, according to Dr. Mendieta.


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Fox News / SignatureMD 24/7 Access to Your Docor Becoming More Common Practice November 16, 2011

November 16, 2011

24/7 Access to Your Docor Becoming More Common Practice

(KTVI ––

Sick and tired of never being able to actually talk to your doctor?  What if there was a way to turn back the clock, to establish a personal relationship with a physician that was common years ago.
Now there, but it comes at a price.  It’s commonly called “concierge medicine,” though don’t let the name fool you: Having 24/7 access to your doctor through cell phone and email, and having longer, more personal appointment times, isn’t just for the super wealthy.
For about $1800 a year, the woman you’re about to meet in the accompanying video to this story has access to her doctor whenever she needs it.  How does the doctor feel about that?  He says he didn’t convert his practice to make more money; rather he did it to spend more quality time with his patients.


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