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Leading Cosmetic Surgeon Talks the REAL Dangers of LHHNY Nya Lee’s Back Alley Butt Injections

December 10, 2013

Leading Cosmetic Surgeon Talks the REAL Dangers of LHHNY Nya Lee’s Back Alley Butt Injections


Nya Lee, supporting cast member of Love & Hip Hop NY, opened up recently about getting butt injections and revealed that instead of going to a high calibre surgeon, she chose instead, to go to a back alley “technician” who used non-FDA approved materials injected in her rear end.

Not surprisingly, she doesn’t encourage other to follow her lead.

And leading cosmetic surgeon Dr. C. Mendieta concurs, strongly suggesting that no one should ever used these back door quacks as the horror stories of young women, aspiring models and mothers who lose their limbs or their lives by going underground for a cosmetic procedure continue to grow.

Dr. Constantino Mendieta, the premier plastic surgeon in the field of butt enhancement says, “Nya Lee is not alone. There are many women who have had these injections. They are very alluring in the beginning since there is no down time, the results are immediate and it’s very cheap. The injections are done underground either in salons, back alleys, hotel rooms, apartments often by unlicensed people. But what is even scarier is that you DON’T know what is being injected nor do you know the quality of the substance.”

He goes on to add, “Many times, the substances injected are industrial grade products. (Think jet fuel for your Toyota). The results can look quite nice, however what is lurking in the background has a dark hidden consequence. The body starts to react to the product usually at around 5-10 years after the injections and the results are devastating, completely disfiguring the buttock. You may require surgery to remove the substance (if that is even possible at that time) and it could be mutilating to the body. I have treated many women who have had these types of injections and they suffer from a lifetime of chronic pain, disfigurement, not to mention low self esteem at never being comfortably to undress in front of anyone”.

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