The Aedition / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Is The Hourglass Mommy Makeover The New Mommy Makeover? March 8, 2022

The addition of fat to the butt and the surrounding areas gives a more feminine curve to the lower part of the body. While it may seem counterintuitive that adding fat can create a more desirable shape, it most certainly can. Plus, the additional fat makes a lower hip-to-waist ratio that ‘cores out’ the lower back for a more sculpted appearance. In some cases, patients may need to add fat to the buttocks to make their legs look more proportionate to the rest of their bodies, and it may be the opposite for others, says Constantino Mendieta, MD, a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Miami.


Read More / Dr. Constantino Mendieta A Brazilian butt lift has one of the highest mortality rates of any cosmetic procedure September 7, 2021

brazilian butt lift plastic surgery kim kardashian west 2

A Brazilian butt lift is when a doctor removes excess fat from your abdomen, arms, inner thighs, love handles, or anywhere else and injects it into your butt.

The BBL not only slims down the area of the body where the fat was removed but also increases the size of your posterior, says Constantino Mendieta MD, FACS, board-certified plastic surgeon at 4Beauty Aesthetic Institute.


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Hollywood Life / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Khloe Kardashian ‘For Sure Had A Nose Job’ — 3 Plastic Surgeons Claim After Seeing New Video May 21, 2019

Khloe Kardashian plastic surgery nose job

Fans took to social media to share their opinions after a new video surfaced of Khloe Kardashian on May 17 and we spoke with three experts who weighed in on her dramatic look!

Fans speculated Khloe Kardashian, 34, had a nose job after a video clip of her was released on May 17. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star appeared to have a completely different look during a guest appearance on her divorce lawyer Laura Wasser’s podcast Divorce Sucks With Laura Wasser and fans were quick to point it out. HollywoodLife wanted to get to the bottom of this hot topic so we spoke EXCLUSIVELY with three experts who weighed in on the situation and seemed to agree with fans. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Constantine Mendieta shared his professional opinion and said, “Khloe at some point for sure had a nose job…. she is looking like a rock star.”


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Bazaar / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Watch A Mother and Daughter Get Lip Injections Together May 21, 2018


Lips lose collagen as they age, making them appear smaller and less plump. But some of us never had full lips to begin with, and that’s where lip filler comes in. In this episode of The Plastics, BAZAAR’s Senior Beauty Editor Jenna Rosenstein and her mom Beth visit Dr. Constantino Mendieta, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami, to get lip injections together.

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Harper's Bazaar / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Behind-the-Scenes of a Brazilian Butt Lift April 4, 2018


We went behind-the-scenes of a Brazilian butt lift–and the before-and-after photos are unreal.


Read More / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Is the Era of the Booty Empowering or Another Unhealthy Body Obsession? October 1, 2015

Is the Era of the Booty Empowering or Another Unhealthy Body Obsession?

We’ve been in the Era of the Big Booty for a while now, thanks to celebrities like Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian. We’ve gone from trying to jazzercise our bums away to working out to enhance every curve we’ve got. (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Lipo, The Four Letter Word That Menopausal Women Love July 21, 2015

Natural menopause occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 55, with the average age being 51.4 years of age. In rare moments, menopause can occur as early as the 30’s or as late as the 60’s. Weight gain is another sign of changing hormones and the metabolism slowing down.

There are medical experts who cite decreasing hormone levels tied to weight gain and redistribution of fat. Menopause unquestionably sees physical changes occur when the female body ceases pumping estrogen, but the most vexing for so many is that weight gain – specifically increased abdominal fat –  which seems to get worse each year.

Despite abstemious diets and regular exercise, many watch their mid-sections swell and obfuscate the normally smaller waistlines that make a woman have the hourglass shape they grew up with and enjoyed as adult women. Menopause and these changes that occur in the hormonal balances stoke abdominal padding. (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Feminizing Surgeries Must Include The Body Too June 9, 2015

bruce jenner

Bruce Jenner’s transformation to Caitlyn has startled, shocked and awed many people, regardless of where they stand on the idea of transgenderism. But we all quickly got a primer in the superficial aspects of changing sexes courtesy of Ms. Jenner, with regards to plastic surgeries like chin or cheek implants, “Adam’s Apple” shaving or facial filler and Botox injections, which are all considered “not medically” necessary by most insurers. But ask anyone who wants to transgender from male to female and they will tell you, these surgeries aid to the overall end effect of taking on a new gender identity with more confidence. (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Sexy Stars Get ‘Behind’ Chinese Inspired Met Gala 2015 May 6, 2015

Last night’s Chinese inspire Met Gala 2015 was all about the one-upmanship of everyone’s gown. The unifying theme? Big badonks are still the focus, forget the boobs.

Monday night’s Met Gala (aka the Super Bowl of fashion) which celebrated the museum’s “China: Through the Looking Glass” exhibition, was ostensibly to celebrate the culture of the Chinese people and their impressive history.  But leave it to the Hollywood celebrities who put their “bottom” lines, China doll purses and best efforts at winged eyeliner on the red carpet. (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Even Steven, Breast Symmetry A Major Complaint For Many April 17, 2015

Nobody is 100% the same on both sides of their body. Many of us have marked differences between our left and right sides, hence the celebrity requests to be shot on “their good side” and making sure that stars are filmed from certain angles. Beauty is measured in millimeters, and the slightest differences add up.


The more pronounced the differential, usually the more unhappy the person is with their feature in question. For women, it really hits home when breasts are noticeably different in size, something that can be camouflaged in clothing but when the clothes come off, what then?


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Hartford Courant / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Apparently, We Like Big Butts, Plastic Surgeons Report April 17, 2015

The rump, the bum, the keister, the booty, call it what you will, but it’s growing on us.

The cosmetic sands of time have shifted. The hourglass figure has new proportions. The double-wide backside has come into vogue. Bottom sculpting is trending up, breast enhancements are actually down.

Yeah, once the butt of many jokes, the butt is getting the last laugh.

And if you have not been blessed with sufficient acreage in this area, well, fret not. You have options, increasingly popular man-made options.


Read More / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Is it recommended minor plastic surgery? April 16, 2015


An individual of any age who is emotionally or psychologically immature any cosmetic procedure should not be performed
Since the late 90s, when plastic surgery gained popularity in the country, began to be increasingly common that girls ask for gift 15 years a facelift.

This may change if approved the bill filed last week by Sen. U party, Mauricio Lizcano week.

The initiative seeks to ban plastic surgery for purely cosmetic purposes on minors, even if they have the consent of the parents, because according to the senator, there is currently no control by the authorities on such practices.

“Today, increasingly, we are invaded by advertising that shows beautiful bodies, necklines, beautiful women, and children grow up with that ideal of beauty, often thought that the easiest way is with plastic surgery “says Dr. Lina Maria Triana Lloreda, president of the Colombian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (SCCP) Surgery and member of the board of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, ISAPS). He adds that a child has not reached physical and mental maturity to deal with the risks and consequences of these procedures, which in most cases are irreversible.

“A girl of 15 years may not know what you want, or you can get some breasts just for fashion, and later may rethink that decision,” he says.

However, although it is agreed that such a law could be beneficial, Dr. Constantino Mendieta, a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (USA) considers that it is not possible to generalize the maturity of all children old.

“We have many patients 16 years with the maturity of a 25, 18 and others with maturity of one of 12. There are some psychological factors that must be evaluated, otherwise being removed individually for each patient” detailed Mendieta, therefore believes that each case must be evaluated independently by medical professionals and psychology. Likewise believes Lyle Back, plastic surgeon and member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, who believes that can not be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” if plastic surgery is appropriate for minors.

An individual of any age who is emotionally or psychologically immature, that is not prepared or is unstable, any cosmetic procedure should not be performed, says plastic surgeon
Lyle Back.

“It’s not even easy to answer that question when it comes to adults. The plastic surgeon has the responsibility to explore with each patient, regardless of age, what their identity and their concerns. The options that exist, convenience, pros and cons of the procedures must be carefully considered and discussed “Back contends, who has taught and participated in charitable project Operation Smile operating children with cleft lip and palate worldwide.shutterstock_142314778

The prohibition of the bill does not apply to surgery nose, eyes and ears, reconstructive surgery or caused by physical or psychological pathologies duly accredited by the respective health professionals.

In the latter case, the project argues that the surgeon must apply for a special permit to the local authority health for the procedure.

Explains Dr. Lina Triana, this is because there are some body organs that develop at an earlier age than others (such as the ears, taking place almost entirely at 5 years, and nose, at 15 ), and the existence of cases like those of young people having overly large breasts and suffer from back pain, or have a lot bigger than the other breast.

Many children and young people flock to these procedures after being “teased and ridiculed for their appearance,” said Dr. Lyle Back, referring to cases ears too projected outward, pronounced noses, retracted chins, among other states. “Most people have a reasonable concern about a particular feature that is out of proportion, or makes them feel physically uncomfortable or are not ‘normal'” he says.

More details of the bill

Procedures that prohibit minors
Breasts and buttocks implants, eyelid surgery, scalp grafts, malar implants, chin surgery, lip, face lift, removal of skin on the face, tummy tucks, liposuction and liposculpture, vaginal rejuvenation, botox, carboxiterapia, hidrolipólisis, Mesotherapy and ultracavitación.

Penalties for medical and health institutions that violate the rule
They range from a fine from 2,900 million pesos to the temporary or permanent closure of the establishment. They must also respond for damages to patients. Advertising promoting plastic surgery, surgeries, clinics and cosmetic procedures that are directed or has as models to minors is prohibited.

What to do when the minor is not suitable
If a minor is not suitable candidate for plastic surgery, Dr. Lina Triana believes it is necessary to explain both the adolescent and his family the reasons motivating the youth and good eating and exercise habits as an alternative to raise their self-esteem .

Colombia, the sixth country where more procedures are done
According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Colombia 420,955 cosmetic procedures were performed in 2013, which places the country in sixth place in the world with the highest number of surgeries, after the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Spain.

First was that aesthetic reconstructive
Plastic surgery born after World War II, when the wounded soldiers died in the war and because he had the technology to save them, but were disfigured or deformes.Esos patients could not reinstate your work or social life as normal because they had no quality of life. Thus was born the first plastic surgeon who attended to the patient that nobody wanted and gave harmony to your body and rostro. Ese is the origin of reconstructive plastic surgery, based cosmetic plastic surgery.

Original Post –

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Courant / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Apparently, We Like Big Butts, Plastic Surgeons Report March 4, 2015

Kim Kardashian

The rump, the bum, the keister, the booty, call it what you will, but it’s growing on us.

Yeah, once the butt of many jokes, the butt is getting the last laugh.

And if you have not been blessed with sufficient acreage in this area, well, fret not. You have options, increasingly popular man-made options.

These trend lines were for both types of butt enhancements, silicone implants, and procedures in which fat is transplanted from other areas of the body.

“I’m seeing women 17 all the way up to 70,” Miami surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta recently told NBC News. “It’s big in the nursing homes.”

Oh My.

Unlike Lopez and Azalea, who possess other talents, Kardashian was only famous for being famous until her backside caught fire, so to speak. A recent magazine photo shows her standing almost erect while a champagne glass is balanced on her protruding asset. (Don’t try this at home.)

The whole backside enhancement trend caught me by surprise. For as long as I can remember, women have always been trying to keep that address as a single zip code. Now there are these things called “pump parties” where clients go and let amateurs shoot them full of silicone and self image.

It is, of course, dangerous. An uncertified woman from Philadelphia who bills herself as the “Michelangelo of the buttocks,” is currently standing trial for murder after a dancer she injected died.

What I don’t understand is why those looking for a wider beam don’t just go the old-fashioned, time-tested route and overeat. I mean, an ingestion of Ben and Jerry’s seems a heck of a lot more pleasant than an injection of industrial grade silicone.

Anyway. There is, I think, good news in this tokus trend for men. Might the six pack abs give way to the one-pack beer belly.

Original Article

Dr. Constantino Mendieta

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NBC News / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Butt Augmentation, Labiaplasty on the Rise, Plastic Surgeons Say February 26, 2015

Kim Kardashian is boosting plastic surgeons’ bottom lines.

Two doctors’ organizations have tallied up the cosmetic procedures performed last year, and butt augmentation skyrocketed — as did a controversial surgery to reshape women’s genitals. Meanwhile, old-fashioned breast enlargement, still the most common cosmetic surgery, took a dip. (more…)

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Inside Edition / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Bff’s Get Butt Lifts Together February 3, 2015

Bff's Get Butt Lifts Together

These two best friends do everything together, and we mean everything! 

Madelyn Schick and Jacquelyn Fonseca got, get ready for this, butt lifts together.  (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta The Big Butt Craze Continues To Rack Up Real Casualties, Expert Speaks Up January 20, 2015

Butt shape and size is like that Clint Eastwood / Sergio Leone classic spaghetti Western film, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

Great butt enhancement is done safely with a patient’s own fat, and with a proportional esthetic. Bad butt work can lead to death. The ugly? Well, make sure you steel yourself and have a look.

The recent news that a Missouri man was extradited by sheriff deputies in Prince George’s County for fatal butt injections reveals that the illegal “back-alley” butt enhancement business is not going away anytime soon.

Police who issued the warrant for Vinnie Taylor’s arrest say he met the woman at a hotel on March 20 in Capitol Heights, Maryland to give her injections.

Sadly the woman became sick and later died at a hospital. Taylor, who doesn’t have medical training, is charged with second degree murder, assault and reckless endangerment.

mug shot

Miami and Washington D.C. have been home to some high profile cases where people have died from toxic poisoning by these illegal butt injections.  A Washington D.C. woman was jailed in 2012 for giving women illegal silicone injections. She was released in February 2014 after 37 months in prison.  Even VICE profiled this cultural phenomenon in their “Buttloads of Pain” feature, the dark side of the roads taken to construct larger derrieres and hips.


Board certified Miami based plastic surgeon, Dr. Constantino Mendieta has been in the butt business for over 30 years.  He is considered the expert in gluteal sculpting, understands the desire for many to acquire a beautiful backside attracts people from all walks of life.

From average women who just want to look nicer in their jeans, to strippers wanting to step up their game, Dr. Mendieta has done reconstructive surgery from botched butt injections to celebrity fat grafting where unwanted fat is repositioned in the right places for a tasteful reshaping of the body.

Unfortunately Dr. Mendieta sees the medical disasters from bargain butt injection victims,  blue and white collar workers, strippers, celebs and average hardworking housewives who have fallen prey to the ‘big booty’ craze.

Dr. Mendieta shared with Monsters and Critics the outrageous lengths that people are willing to go in order to alter their appearance.satisfy a body ideal that celebrates a grotesque enlargement of the derriere.

Dr M headshot

Dr. Mendieta says, “Illegal injectibles, such as kitchen grade silicone, tire fix-it, motor oil, cosmetic gels–PMMA gel, Hydrogel–and even cement, are extremely dangerous. I wish I could say cases like this are rare, but they are becoming more and more common place. Anytime you put a foreign substance into your body, there is a risk of infection but add to that a foreign, non medical grade substance that is put in by non medically trained professionals in back alley operations, you are more likely to suffer major consequences than you are to appreciating the outcome. I have spent too many hours of my career battling to save the bodies and the lives of individuals who come to me after they have received illegal injections and surgeries. I cannot begin to stress enough that people need to be very discerning and educate themselves prior to choosing to receive injections. Bottom line: your health is worth more than the money you think that you might be saving at the hands of an unqualified charlatan.”

Dr. Constantino Mendieta

Original Article

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The Voice / Dr. Constantino Mendieta The Big Bum Theory December 16, 2014

FREAK SHOW: Sarah ‘Saartjie’ Baartman’s large bum was an object of curiosity, ridicule and disgust

FROM HUMAN freak shows to modern day music, the appetite for a big bottom has grown into a cultural phenomenon. (more…)

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We've seen a lot of Kim this week

We’ve seen a lot of Kim this week

There’s not butts about it: Kim Kardashian completely dominated the internet this week.


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Medical Daily / Dr. Constantino Mendieta A Big Butt Obsession: Why Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine Cover’s So Appealing, According To Science November 17, 2014
kim k


Kim Kardashian’s recent Paper magazine photo sparks a dialogue on both the societal and biological roots to man’s obsession with big butts. Photo courtesy of Instagram


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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Kim Kardashian’s Assets Oiled Up, Celebrities Speak Out November 13, 2014

kim k

What is so interesting about Kim Kardashian’s ass? (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Bass Bottoms Up for Meghan Trainor, Tour Dates and More! October 21, 2014


Are you all about that bass?

Thank board certified plastic surgeon in Miami, Dr. Constantino Mendieta, the author of The Art of Gluteal Sculpting for the fashionable craze on ass that is currently chewing up the airwaves and pop music, notably with Meghan Trainor who continues her breakout year with the release of brand new single “Lips Are Movin.” (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Top Plastic Surgeon Assesses VMA Celebrity Butts VIDEOS August 26, 2014

One of the world’s top authorities on gluteal sculpting and enhancement is plastic surgeon, Dr. Constantino Mendieta, a Miami board certified plastic surgeon, who literally wrote the book on the subject schooling other physicians on what now is unquestionably the focus of women’s figures these days, a far cry from the boobtastic 1970s-1990s where breast implants were ubiquitous and almost a right of passage for many women.


Nicki Minaj in action at the 2014 VMAs

Dr. Mendieta is a frequent contributing expert to Monsters and Critics who shares his opinions on the female form and who can reshape and sculpt buttocks better than anyone. He explained in a past interview that there were four distinct body booty shapes, and the ideal was the “A” frame, the inverted “V” where the waist-to-hop ration was optimal.

Dr. Mendieta said,  “Though the actual number varies around the world, most in our business agree that a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 is a significant indicator of female attractiveness compared to 0.9 for men.  Since the 2000 Grammys when Jennifer Lopez wore the famous low cut back green Versace dress that accentuated her bottom, women have sought to refine and sculpt their backsides and the trend is only increasing.”


As for last night’s 2014 MTV Video Music Awards? “Nicki Minaj’s anticipated ‘Anaconda’ performance really underscored the booty as sexual bait despite her poor backup dancer getting injured in rehearsal by one of the boa constrictors,” said Dr. Mendieta. “She has a really fantastic shape and knows how to work it for her stage show. It’s all about proportions and curves. The new approach does not just focus on the buttock… but the entire panorama. It is about waist, curves, silhouette and the actual shape of the buttock.”


The recipient of this year’s Video Vanguard Award, Beyonce performed a medley of songs from her most recent album with support from husband Jay Z and their adorable daughter Blue Ivy.

“Beyonce was also another great example of a woman whose lower half is strong, shapely and sexy too from good diet, workouts and her constant dancing on tour, a fantastic way to get your booty in great shape if squats and surgery are not for you,” said Dr. Mendieta.

Check out Beyonce at this year’s VMAs.



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International Business Times / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Dangerous Curves: Popularity Of Butt Enhancement Leads To Illegal, Sometimes Fatal Black Market August 6, 2014
J Lo

Jennifer Lopez and Puff Daddy at the 2000 Grammy Awards. Reuters

Dr. Constantino Mendieta, a Miami plastic surgeon, can tell you when and where the problem was born: At the 2000 Grammys when Jennifer Lopez wore a green Versace dress that accentuated her curvaceous derriere, prompting legions of women to search for ways to replicate the look. (more…)

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Celebzter / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Forget Selfies, the hottest new trend is Belfies… and you can thank Kim Kardashian for that July 22, 2014

Kim showed off her famous booty this week

Kim showed off her famous booty this week

On Thursday, July 17, Kim Kardashian showed off her famous asset — again!

The 33-year-old reality star posted a photo of herself on Instagram, showing her tanning her famous derriere in Mexico with the caption: “#OurLovelyLadyLumps” (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Booty Pioneer Paves Way For Social Media Belfie Queen July 15, 2014

The hottest new trend in pop culture is the “Belfie,” also known as the butt-selfie.

According to, “Plenty of celebs have jumped on the belfie train- obviously Kim Kardashian, Rihanna- with her more subtle belfies…And Heidi Klum, just to name a few. And we’d be crazy not to reference the glutes queen, Jen Selter! She basically became famous for her derriere. It even landed her a spread in Vogue.”

jen 4

Jen Selter Instagram

But to celebrity plastic surgeon and butt specialist, Dr. Constantino Mendieta, getting a good belfie is nothing new.

He has worked on some of the most photographed derrieres around the world to make them the most coveted bottoms for decades now, and he has appeared on CNN, the TODAY show, EXTRA, Good Morning America, The Doctors and many other shows to discuss his groundbreaking technique of fat transfer to balance the natural shape.

photo with Anderson Cooper

Dr. Mendieta (R) with Anderson Cooper

For the past 25 years, Dr. Mendieta has made a name for himself as the go-to doctor for women and men who want a little more backside contouring done correctly, without health risks or grotesque outcomes. His talented work, combined with the fashion influences of actresses and artists like Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and even the Kardashians has taken the focus away from the chest and put it squarely on the rear end.

He literally wrote the book on this procedure that is used by plastic surgeons around the world (The Art of Gluteal Sculpting) and he is completely without equal when it comes to talking about the trends of style, shape, size and options of implants versus fat grafting, which is his preference.

Dr. Mendieta spoke to Monsters and Critics and said, “I have noticed a recent trend, with more patients coming in with Belfies from their friends, pictures from the internet of celebrities instead of the retouched magazine photos they used to bring in. People want healthy and sexy and attainable curves, not ridiculous side-show Jerry Springer bottoms!”

VICE interviewed Dr. Mendieta for their online magazine and for the HBO series about the tragic outcomes and dangerous lengths some women will go through to get a bigger butt and how he has saved lives and restores the bodies of men and women from botched back-alley procedures. Dr. Mendieta’s restorative work has given people back their lives and their health.

Dr. Mendieta even referenced Internet Belfie queen and fitness model Jen Selter as an ideal example of proportions many patients are seeking when they come to him. Selter was interviewed by Huffington Post on how she gets her “selter butt.”

Anyone can acquire anything they set their hearts and minds to! It takes dedication, perseverance, hard work and consistency. There is no secret pill, no special diet. What it comes down to is how hard you push yourself and how you overcome the mental challenge of getting yourself to the gym even when you really don’t want to. Consistency leads to results. Diet is also important. I eat every few hours to keep my metabolism running and I try to stay away from overly processed foods. Lots of lean meat, vegetables and fresh fruit. Fitness is a lifestyle. You must be mentally prepared to commit to it and be consistent with your health and fitness lifestyle in order to see results and as we know results don’t happen overnight.

Original Article

Dr. Constantino Mendieta

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Monsters and Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta When Bad Plastic Surgery Happens To Good People, E! ‘Botched’ Goes There VIDEOS June 24, 2014

botched key

In the course of the 11 years writing for Monsters and Critics, I’ve interviewed top board certified plastic surgeons such as Dr. Constantino Mendieta, considered the finest butt man around and the author of the Art of Gluteal Sculpting.  Dr. Nicholas Nikolov of Beverly Hills, whose deft hands gave many Hollywood stars beautiful noses and breasts.

They both told me the same thing, a great deal of their work was revisional surgery from botched procedures by other doctors, often times cosmetic surgeons who were unqualified. They saw heartbreaking things and did their best to restore bodies to a normalcy for their patients. It was their most satisfying work next to fixing a child’s face from congenital deformity or someone battered or scarred in an accident.

Enter a reality TV series that stars two of LA’s top board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow, who we came to know in “The Swan” and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”   These two talented physicians have joined forces for E!’s new series “Botched” which premieres Tuesday, June 24 at 9:00pm.


You will see some retreads from TLC’s Strange Addictions, the Plastic Surgery freakshow Barbie Boy who has money coming from somewhere (he lives in his underwear so you do the math), a poor woman with her frustrated husband tired of her uniboob, and other unfortunates who bet the farm and pulled up weeds.


World renowned doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow

World renowned doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow — the best of the best and leaders in their field — will be tasked with some of the most difficult operations of their careers when they try to reverse the effects of horrendous plastic surgeries.

For the first time on television, plastic surgery nightmares become dreams come true when “Botched” premieres Tuesday, June 24 at 9:00pm ET/PT only on E! and moves to its new day/time Sundays beginning June 29 at 10:00pm following plastic surgery fans “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

In the premiere episode airing Tuesday, June 24 at 9pm, both doctors team up to fix some of California’s worst surgical results when they set their sights, and their scalpels, on Alicia, a woman suffering from what’s known as a “uni-boob,” and Michelle, an actress who’s had six surgeries in search of the perfect nose. Plus, the doctors make a house call to one of the Internet’s most talked about plastic surgery addicts, the human doll, Justin Jedlica.

Episode Description: Human Dolls (6/24/14)
Plastic surgeons Terry Dubrow & Paul Nassif treat a woman with a uni-boob, an actress who’s had 6 surgeries in search of the perfect nose, and make a house call for Justin, a self-proclaimed human doll.

Clip 2: Meet the doctors

Clip 3: Alicia “uniboob” meets the doctors for her consultation.

Clip 4: The doctors’ visit Justin “human ken” at his home to go over his possible surgery.


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Monsters and Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Big Butts Baroque: Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Seattle Jam VIDEO June 10, 2014

Butts and big booty are still the rage, and we can all thank visionaries like board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta of Miami, Florida, author of “The Art of Gluteal Sculpting” and go-to medical expert for VICE on the explosion of illegal butt injections, who has been at the forefront of helping American women change the focus of mens’ sexual desire from boobs to bums. (more…)

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Monsters and Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Jennifer Lopez Reunites With ‘The Dress,’ At Least Her Nipples Were Covered, Some Thoughts June 5, 2014
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Celebzter / Dr. Constantino Mendieta The verdict on Nicole Kidman’s strangely puffy face: ‘This is a classic case of when a beautiful woman goes too far’ May 15, 2014

Kidman's appearance at Cannes had people wondering what she did to her face
Kidman’s appearance at Cannes had people wondering what she did to her face

Her new film Grace of Monaco has been savaged by critics as it opened the Cannes Film Festival today (Wednesday) .

But it’s not just the biopic about the movie-star-turned-princess Grace Kelly that is attracting attention — also the film’s star, Nicole Kidman’s oddly puffy face.


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Jamaica Observer / Dr. Constantino Mendieta More cushion, anyone? – Your Health Your Wealth April 29, 2014

More cushion, anyone?

A pair of curvaceous, well-contoured, firm buttocks is possible. But, of course, there is a cost.

In fact, several celebrities are rumoured to have done a little touching up on their derrières.

Whether these reports are true or not, the behind is definitely an asset as one celebrity is widely reported to have demonstrated when she allegedly insured her buttocks a few years ago.


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Monsters and Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta The Doctors’ Celebrates 1000 Episodes With Stories Of Viewers Whose Lives Were Saved VIDEOS April 25, 2014


TV Picks: ‘  The Emmy®-winning syndicated daytime TV series The Doctors celebrates its 1000th episode on Tuesday, April 29 (check your local listings).

In recognition of the milestone, the show takes an emotional look at many of the people whose lives were helped, both on the show and from viewers at home who offer incredible stories of how watching the program saved their life, or the life of a loved one.


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The Doctors TV / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Surprise For Woman Who Lost Limbs April 25, 2014

Related Links The Doctors TV

Monsters and Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta 5 Best Butt and Thigh Sculpting and Enhancing Moves April 25, 2014

Gino (R) can get you there

This is the age of the rear-end. The butt has trumped the boob in the quest for perfection for many people, thank Jennifer Lopez, the Kardashian tribe and the fact that South American and African American taste in body style is the tail wagging the American dog.


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Celebzter / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Are Brazilian butt lifts the new boob job? March 3, 2014

Are Brazilian butt lifts the new boob job?

Are butt lifts the new boob job? Are you sitting on your assets?

A 58% spike in the number of buttock enhancements in the past year prompted some to wonder if butt lifts are the new boob job

Dr. Constantino Mendieta, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami, says that celebrities with voluptuous backsides are inspiring this trend. The procedure, known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, takes fat from unwanted areas and transfers it to the buttocks, where it is then shaped and molded to perfection. A recent study done by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) revealed that the procedure is so popular that 11% more plastic surgeons over last year have begun offering it on their list of services.

Kim Kardashian’s famed booty is said to have help fuel the trend.

“Buttocks simply were an after-thought in the early days of body sculpting. At most, middle-aged women might ask for a lift if their buttocks had begun to sag,” Mendieta tells CelebZter. “If anything, the emphasis was on trying to minimize the hips to achieve a more ‘modern,’ fashion model-like figure with flattened buttocks. But now with celebrities like J.Lo and Kim Kardashian, the notions of beauty have shifted to a more rounded and fuller pro-portion.”

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America Now / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Do You Know the Risk of Pumping Parties? February 21, 2014
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Celebzster / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Plastic surgery nightmare: Florida mom left brain damaged, unable to walk after going under the knife February 4, 2014
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Yahoo! Sports / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Yahoo! Sports January 23, 2014

Nya Lee, supporting cast member of Love & Hip Hop NY, opened up recently about getting butt injections and revealed that instead of going to a high calibre surgeon, she chose instead, to go to a back alley “technician” who used non-FDA approved materials injected in her rear end.

Not surprisingly, she doesn’t encourage other to follow her lead.

And leading cosmetic surgeon Dr. C. Mendieta concurs, strongly suggesting that no one should ever used these back door quacks as the horror stories of young women, aspiring models and mothers who lose their limbs or their lives by going underground for a cosmetic procedure continue to grow.

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Huffington Post / Dr. Constantino Mendieta You Will Never Want An Illegal Butt Injection After Watching ‘Buttloads Of Pain’ (NSFW) January 17, 2014

You Will Never Want An Illegal Butt Injection After Watching ‘Buttloads Of Pain’ (NSFW)


In describing the differences between New Yorkers and Miamians, New Times’ Kyle Munzenreider points out that the Magic City is obsessed with an ample behind:

“The ideal body type for both sexes in NYC is gangly 14-year-old boy with toothpick legs and a lollipop head. Miami, meanwhile, is all about the meatier and the curvier, whether it be the booty in a lady’s Brazilian jeans or the biceps bulging from a dude’s tank top,” he wrote. “At least our unattainable body ideal is slightly healthier.”


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VICE / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Buttloads of Pain – Illegal Ass Enhancements Might be America’s Next Health Epidemic January 8, 2014

Buttloads of Pain – Illegal Ass Enhancements Might be America’s Next Health Epidemic


Ms. Banks, a dancer at the King of Diamonds strip club, showing off her massive, illegally injected ass in a backstage dressing room. All photos by Ben Rosenzweig

The horror that befell Oscarina Busse’s backside began in July 2009. The 35-year-old Floridian felt a dull but persistent itch deep in the meat of her buttocks, one that was impossible to scratch.

It wasn’t long before Oscarina noticed that her butt was changing colors—first turning purple, like a throbbing finger that had been wrapped too tightly with string, and then a cadaverous gray. From there, things got much worse. Her flesh started to crust and painfully peel off until, a few months later, the whole mess collapsed like a badly baked cake. The cheeks of her ass drooped down, loaded with a stew of poisonous goop that collected around her lower buttocks. What had once stood high and felt supple to the touch had become hot and hard and stinging. Oscarina’s derrière had transformed so much that it no longer looked like it was part of a human’s body; her five-year-old daughter mistook her fluid-filled cheeks for a poopy diaper, calling it a “full Pamper.”


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El Gordo y La Flaca / Dr. Constantino Mendieta El Gordo y La Flaca del 29 de Octubre November 1, 2013
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