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Report: Some Men Want Bigger Butts

July 30, 2013

Report: Some Men Want Bigger Butts



Turns out more men want junk in the trunk.

Typically a concern of women (The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that 93.8 percent of buttocks augmentations were performed on females),The New York Times says men now apparently want bigger butts, too.

“I’ve always had a nonexistent butt,” 46-year-old Jeff Vickers told the Times. “Zero.”


After meeting with Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta, a Miami-based cosmetic surgeon and author of The Art of Gluteal Sculpting, Vickers underwent plastic surgery, taking fat from unwanted areas via liposuction, and injecting it into a place where he was looking for more of a bounce – his buttocks.

Although the procedure may be expensive – TheTimes reports the cost could near $10,000 — Dr. Mendieta bluntly stated: “The only way to pump up your derrière is with your wallet.” And for guys who can’t afford the cost, designers like Calvin Klein have now created men’s underwear with enhancements for lift and support (its “Men’s Body Boost Rear Boosting Trunk” now retails for $22.00).

In 2012, men accounted for the remaining 6.2 percent of cosmetic buttock procedures, which was up from 2.2 percent since 1997. Although the jump doesn’t seem so severe, compared to other cosmetic surgeries for men, construction in the rear is one of the most prevalent. [The New York Times]

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