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Voluma Poised to Take Over Injectable Fillers, FDA Approval Imminent

September 13, 2013

Voluma Poised to Take Over Injectable Fillers, FDA Approval Imminent


Everyone loves a brilliant new tweak to keep from having plastic surgery.

Fillers, the realm of FDA approved brands of injectable materials like Evolence, Juvederm, Belotero, Radiesse, Restylane®, Artefill, Sculptra and the passé Collagen based dermal fills, are what we know about now.

A brand new type of injectable called Voluma is about to receive FDA approval, and from what we hear from across the pond, where Voluma is in use, the smoother moleculed dermal filler is going to be a huge hit here.

Frequent medical contributor to M&C, Dr. Alexander Rivkin, one of the top Cosmetic Surgeons in Los Angeles ( was chosen to study Voluma as one of a handful of doctors by the manufacturer, Allergan (who brought us Botox). Dr. Rivkin was one of 50 selected doctors given the opportunity to train and test this amazing breakthrough product for the US markets and for training other medical professionals in the United States.


But what is Voluma and how is it different from other products on the market today?  

Dr. Rivkin explained to us that this filler gives your face volume not just by filling in lines.  “It fills out the sunken look that comes with aging. We know that volume loss is a big component in aging with patients looking hollow or empty. They complain that their contours are ’falling,’  Voluma, in my opinion, is the best product for replacing volume in the face. It has been used in Europe and Canada for many years and it has finally been approved for the US market.”

He adds, “It is a game changer in the aesthetic field.  For the first time we will have a product that naturally refills the volume lost with age.”

Voluma, according to Dr. Rivkin, is superior to Juvederm and Restylane because it lasts longer — up to two years and it is reversible, unlike Radiesse and Sculptra.  Many doctors also shy away from Sculptra because it is more unpredictable in its results, much like facial fat grafting.

As for the cost, prices are not out yet, but Voluma will probably cost about $800 - 900 per syringe. In comparison, Juvederm costs $650 per syringe. It beats a $20,000 face lift any day.

The best news? The FDA Advisory Committee unanimously recommended the approval of using Voluma. FDA approval is expected any day now.

Stay tuned…

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