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Coffee to help you sleep? Counting Sheep Coffee does the unthinkable and promises a good night’s rest by drinking coffee.

January 6, 2015

Trying to fall asleep at night can be a relentless battle for many people. They try everything from laying completely still in total darkness to counting sheep.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) – What if I told you drinking coffee could be the solution you’ve been looking for?

Targeting those coffee-loving, sleep-deprived people, Counting Sheep Coffee was created to help relax its consumers and bring upon sleep more effortlessly.

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This coffee features a unique blend of decaf beans and approximately 176 mg Valerian root, according to Fox News.

Valerian root, native to Europe and Asia, is a natural sedative commonly used in herbal sleep aids. Allegedly, this root also aims to reduce anxiety and restlessness, and relaxes muscles.

Deland Jessop, co-founder of Counting Sheep Coffee, created this sleep-inducing coffee blend because his wife loves coffee, but like many American’s she is highly sensitive to caffeine.

“The decaf market was ten percent of the coffee market. That’s a huge number of people drinking decaf to begin with.” Jessop told the Boston Globe. “We don’t know exactly how big. But the decaf market is worth billions of dollars, so there is space there.”

Counting Sheep Coffee contains Valerian root to induce drowsiness and provide a restful night.Counting Sheep Coffee contains Valerian root to induce drowsiness and provide a restful night.Valerian root became the key ingredient for calming, as opposed to the traditional calming herbs, chamomile and lavender, because it did not considerably alter the taste of the coffee while carrying out it’s calming duties.Counting Sheep is now available in two varieties: ’40 Winks’ and ‘Lights Out!’

Lights Out, containing the most amount of Valerian a product can have while still being called food, provides a quicker feeling of drowsiness and induces drowsiness about 20 minutes after ingesting.

Counting Sheep Coffee is available on and at select retailers.

Counting Sheep Coffee

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