reVolver Podcasts / Dr. Rady Rahban

Don’t Be Botched…Be Informed About Plastic Surgery

May 13, 2019

DALLAS (May 8, 2018) – Discover answers to the questions you should have asked about plastic surgery with famed Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Rady Rahban on the new eye-opening Plastic Surgery: Uncensored podcast making its debut May 8, 2019 on reVolver Podcasts. Joining board certified Dr. Rahban is media personality Monique Marvez as they navigate through the blurred ethics of our look-good-at-any-cost mindset spawned by social media’s concepts of beauty.

In his trademark pull-no-punches authentic and direct style, Dr. Rahban breaks down subjects surrounding what’s right and what’s wrong with plastic surgery today. He offers the unvarnished truth about the warning signals patients should look for as more poorly trained and unqualified doctors surface, and unregulated procedures become more mainstream. In his own practice, patients seek Dr. Rahban’s help to correct the misguided and dangerous life changing choices they made putting their bodies in the hands of unscrupulous practitioners. From hearing the truth behind med spas and the taboos of plastic surgery to trends and questions you should ask in a live consultation, Dr. Rahban is on a mission to create awareness and send a powerful message.

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