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Early Stimulation to their Full Potential

August 17, 2015

Do you want your baby to grow to be a successful college? Start now!

We live in a hypercompetitive world, and as moms who want the best for our children, it is essential that, from young, we teach the tools that could help them succeed in the future. Do you dream that your little one can stand out in the college day? We tell you what early stimulation exercises that could help realize their potential are.

Stimulus + right = success environment. Your baby is ready to learn, and if you stimulate properly in a safe environment, can increase their cognitive development, learning multiple languages ​​and even music, without investing heavily in specialized teachers, explains the Psy.D., Gail Gross, child development specialist. To achieve this, one needs you.  

Goodbye, “baby talk.” Only by talking to your baby in a language as an adult, could get increase their cognitive development and increase their IQ up to 20 points, added the expert.If you talk frequently with different cadences, melodic sounds and complete sentences, you are building partnerships and connections in the brain of your child, contributing their intelligence. 

Mini Scientist . Naturally curious, babies and toddlers are like little scientists, artists and adventurers who enjoy exploring and admiring the world, tells Candelaria Arocena, Pedagogical Director KLA in early education schools, based in Miami, Florida. As they learn through the senses, let alone you will experience in depth what has caught his eye: a flower, an animal, the sea, music or another child. That’s right: be sure to let them get all the information possible, to give them time and after a while, to vary the position by changing or adding more light or object textures. 

Another alternative is to expose them to different patterns, temperatures, musical styles, colors and projections, toys not only through trade but above all, with unconventional materials that can be modified using creative strategies or allow them to resolve conflicts during learning. An advice? Your kitchen can be the best laboratory to develop their brain!

It stimulates your senses. Enjoy daily routines. During the bath, for example, show objects that may or may not float, or containers of various sizes that allow you to notice different actions and relations of cause and effect. Also the lunch is ideal to incorporate flavors, colors, textures and smells, says Arocena.    

Traditional culture. By lullabies, attachment games, stories and poems will brindarás the possibility of creating an emotionally positive with their parents, grandparents and other extended family link. Thus, your child build social identifications that allow you to form a healthy self-image and knowing your roots. 

Social experiences. Put it in contact with other children, let him enjoy public places and cultural events, as a function of short puppet or an artist singing in a park. This will help you get into the world’s knowledge from a secure base on which sits which is protected by their parents. 

Make it a game. The enjoyment is of great educational value. Let him hold the attention as possible (estimated to be about one or two minutes) and, if you notice it gets irritable or has lost interest, do not force it. The aim is not sobreestimularlo. If the game becomes forced, it is a work tells the education expert Linda Rosenthal, of the nonprofit agency Leake & Watts.Nothing better than to learn by playing. 

More ‘tips’

Then discover other keys Rosenthal to stimulate your baby:

• Sing, Acunalo and speak from birth, to create a bond and help him pay attention. 

• Place toys at your fingertips, so you can reach them without help. 

• Facilitate in the process rather than the result: let it decide how you want to play instead of imposing how they think you should.


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