The Doctors / Dr. Sargon Lazarof

Dr. Sargon Lazarof and Ultra Tooth featured on The Doctors

May 12, 2017


Brandy survived domestic abuse and bulimia – but her ruined teeth were a permanent reminder of the trauma she’d suffered. The Doctors arranged for Brandy to see a dentist in hopes of giving her back her smile, and now she’s returned to show us the results! Does Brandy have a new mouth to go with her new life?

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Sargon Lazarof offers Brandy a brand-new smile. His same-day replacement technique means Brandy will walk out of his office eating, chewing … and smiling! Dr. Lazarof cleans and crowns the teeth that can be saved. The remainder, including some dead broken roots, are removed. Dr. Lazarof replaces the missing teeth with screws to anchor the implants. He screws the implants on place and Brandy’s mouth is outfitted with a full set of teeth!

When Brandy awakens from anesthesia and sees her new smile, she bursts into tears. “You are my hero! You gave me my life back!” she tells Dr. Lazaroff. But that’s not all – he hands her an apple and invites her to take a bite. “Is it going to hurt?” she wonders. He reassures her that it won’t! When Brandy takes a big bite, he asks her, “When was the last time you ate an apple like that?” It’s been years, Brandy says.

Brandy and Dr. Lazarof join The Doctors. She flashes her brand-new smile! “I can’t believe it!” she says. “I keep going by mirrors and instead of avoiding them, for once I’m stopping and looking and going ‘oh my gosh, is that me!?'”

Dr. Lazarof explains that his patented Ultratooth “is the only device that’s approved for immediate tooth replacement.” Most implant procedures require placing the screws, then waiting for the gums to heal before the implants are placed. “Within an hour you get your tooth!”

“Brandi, we are so excited for you,” Dr. Stork concludes – and Brandy gives The Doctors one more big smile!

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