Momtastic / Dr. Syd Miller

Here’s How To Handle Baby and Toddler Separation Anxiety

June 30, 2022

It’s natural to want to do anything to get a child to stop screaming/tantruming – especially when something like separation anxiety – that so easily pulls at our hearts’ strings – is involved

“Separation anxiety, a fear of being separated from your parents, begins around the age of nine months and is considered developmentally normal until the age of three years when most children will have outgrown this anxiety,” says Dr. Sydney B. Miller, Ph.D, C. Psych, an associate professor in the department of psychology at Concordia University and the former host of On-Call with Dr. Syd. “If the anxiety continues beyond three years of age, the child might be developing separation anxiety disorder, which is a more serious but still very treatable condition.”

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