/ Dr. Gail Gross

How to Make your Child Want to go Out with You!

June 29, 2015
Although worship as moms spend as much time with our children (grow so fast!), Sooner or later the age at which they begin the takeoff, and no longer want to join us in our daily outings. What to do? While some quickly accepted the idea that their children are left alone at home when you go out, others want to have their fellow walks one more season. We tell you how to make you want to go.
Do not force them 
Being with the parents should not be a litmus test. On the contrary, the ideal is to be a happy and never forced experience, explains psychologist specializing in family and child development, Dra. Gail Gross. If you add an output voltage it is likely to go to meet with strong resistance.
To make you want to go, the best approach is to involve your children in the plans. Instead of denying and discuss, the expert proposes an empathic process: sit together at a neutral location of the house (kitchen, perhaps?) And Give them the opportunity to express how they feel about this outing. Let them give their opinion: what would you like to do? What would they need to want to participate? Knowing involved, they are more likely to agree to your proposal. 
Alone at home 
Despite all your efforts, your children can keep grumbling about the idea of ​​going with you to visit grandma or a movie. If you are mature enough and have about 12 or 13 years, you may already be ready to stay home alone without adult supervision, according to the organization Safe Kids Worldwide. However, it is essential to verify that you have the necessary experience to be safe while you’re away: remember that his mental development is not finished, so that they are more likely than adults to danger, it alerts Gross. 
Explain what is appropriate behavior if there will be greater at home and do some short essays.For this, uses simple errands close to home, allowing you to test the waters and spring back in case something goes wrong. Finally, do not make them responsible for caring for younger siblings.If there are several children who stay home, hire a professional. All ready? For a walk!