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Jim McMahon and CarolAnn Tutera

February 21, 2024

Two-time Super Bowl, Super Star and Pro Bowl QB, Jim McMahon has a long and storied health history. After playing football as a child to 15 years in the pros, he suffered many injuries to his body and his brain. He has been very forthcoming about his memory problems from CTE and his brushes with depression and low motivation. He needed help and didn’t know where to turn. It was 10 years ago that McMahon first discovered Sottopelle bio identical hormone replacement pellets.

Sottopelle is the brainchild of Dr. Gino Tutera and his wife, CarolAnn Tutera. The idea behind this medical treatment is focusing on individualized dosing with an emphasis on having a well-trained network of doctors specializing in this discipline, this patient-first approach became known as the SottoPelle® Method and has since established itself as not only the pioneer but also the leader in the field of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), backed by decades of scientific studies showing it provides the key component to support a healthy body and brain. https://www.sottopelletherapy.com/traumatic-brain-injury-and-hormone

McMahon has a hormone pellet injected every 6 months and a few days after the insertion, he feels energized, motivated, and ready to take on the world. Not only that, but his body is back in fighting shape. The hormones in the pellet are specifically designed for his needs. After retiring from pro football, Jim dedicated his life to charitable causes and is constantly on the road, which was a big problem when he never wanted to leave the couch. Using the Sottopelle pellets has made him a new man, even his friends and business associates notice the changes. His mind is sharper, he wakes up in the morning raring the go and his sex drive is thru the roof again. Another effect of this treatment is that he is back in shape and hasn’t even hit the gym!

Jim says he excited about living again… He feels good and couldn’t say that 10 years ago. With all the news coming out about the dangers of CTE and depression, it is with great joy that Jim can attest to being happy again, something that eluded him for years after hanging up his cleats.

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