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Lose an inch in 30 minutes

April 25, 2012


Now I am not into being lazy about obtaining a fit body. I work out several times a week but recently it feels like I just can’t seem to get rid of my belly. My massage therapist reminded me, to my chagrin, that it is natural for my body to add “padding” to my midsection to prepare me for the next stage of life. So though I fight it with my spinning, cardio kickboxing and weightlifting; my belly is still there taunting me (and it doesn’t help that I still eat whatever I want…LOL).

So I was excited when I got invited in for a free non-invasive lipo from VASER Shape. After watching the episode on The Doctors and reading up on it, I felt pretty confident about trying it. There was nothing to lose but inches…

and an inch I did lose.

 So here is the deal:

Pick your problem area – while I went for the belly, it works on all areas — butt, arms, thighs, etc. If you go with an area that has cellulite too, you could reap dual benefits. Rumor has it that it helps to tighten the skin over time.

Allow an hour – you need to get set-up and you want the pre and post measurements to make sure you really lose. The treatment only takes 30 minutes and it is painless so you can leave out and go on with your normal day.

Plan multiple sessions – while some people like me see results the first time, people typically see the most visible results after three to five sessions. Yes, that means the results are cumulative. You don’t go back five times to maintain that same one inch.

Budget – $2,500 to $3,000 for a package of five treatments.

Maintain – you hear it all the time, diet and exercise.

So if you need a little help getting into your summer wardrobe, get a kick start with Vaser Shape