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Raising the Only Child

June 26, 2015

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Raising an Only Child Presents some Challenges; Learn How to Overcome Them!

Raising an only child brings several questions and challenges: how much pay attention? How to avoid being spoiled? And if you feel alone? Czech useful suggestions from three specialists in the field. 

Socialize early. One key is to make your child aware of others.To achieve this, make sure you play with other children their age from infancy, he suggested Darby Fox, family therapist for children and adolescents. 

Since three years, you can point out to your child struggles and dilemmas of the people around him. No brothers with whom practice, it may be difficult at first to take the place of the other.Teach him to be empathetic.

Share, share, share. Insists on this point. People think it’s a cliche, but for a single child is a difficult or at least unknown concept because it has no brothers asked him removed or rendered their toys.

Loneliness can be a problem in children without siblings. They may even express it by being with others, for failing to understand. One way to prevent this is to start early to implement all of these suggestions.

Organizes outings with other parents of only children, as he recommended Saucedo Sandra Scott, professor of child development at Eastfield College, Texas. In this way, your child will have the opportunity to learn to share and build friendships.

Delegate chores as it grows, it can be very useful to teach him to be responsible, and to understand that is a member of the family unit.

A pet can be very beneficial for your child. For starters, it will be a great company. Also, to help you learn to be responsible, having to deal with their care, we said Gail Gross, behaviorist psychologist. 

In addition, it will help to be more empathetic and less likely to be a bully or bully. Caring for your pet will make your child relates to people in a more connected. It will also contribute to the development of the skills necessary for friendship. 

Only children can act maturely, to be exposed to greater interaction with adults, Gross said. The risk is that they feel they do not fit with the children of his age. So you need to give many opportunities to interact with their peers.

A team sport, for example, is a great way to teach him to be part of a group or circle of friends.That way, you could prevent it from becoming too narcissistic, something that could happen because, for better or for worse, is the center of attention at home.

Council with love! Whenever you can, encourage your child to spend time with other children in order to avoid socialization and pamper. And remember: you can not spoil a child with too much love, only with objects. So give her high doses of affection!

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