Seventeen / Dr. Peterson Pierre

Skin Advice Derms Give Their Own Teens

July 8, 2020


If you use OTC retinol

Dr. Pierre recommended over-the-counter retinol for his kids’ mild acne because it’s anti-inflammatory (and therefore cuts down on zits’ redness), reduces oil production, helps refine pores and banishes blackheads and whiteheads. As with Rx treatments, start retinol slowly, applying only every few nights to start. “And apply moisturizer on top to deal with dryness,” he says.

If you use benzoyl peroxide

Although a killer acne-fighter (literally–it kills the bacteria that cause zits), BP can leave skin extra dry and it can bleach your clothes. So Dr. Pierre made sure his kids knew to get dressed before applying. Dr. Baumann also suggests that if your skin gets red or dry after using BP, apply barrier-repair moisturizer first. That gives skin a buffer, helping it better tolerate the treatment.

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