Men's Health / Dr. Peterson Pierre

The 11 Best Beard Oils for Black Men, According to Experts

October 1, 2020

best beard oils for black men

Dr. Peterson Pierre of Pierre Skin Care notes, “Scalp hair and facial hair are very similar and require the same care. Hair in Black men tends to be dry and brittle and therefore, requires extra moisture…to keep it looking and feeling its best. [The hair] is also very curly and is prone to getting trapped under the skin, so proper hair care and skin care are vital to minimize these issues.”

From essential oils to naturally-derived moisturizers, look for quality beard oil ingredients that have been tested and formulated with your hair texture in mind. Ask your barber for beard oil recommendations, and once you get a feel for how the ingredients interact with your skin and hair, choose your favorite. Often, Black-owned grooming brands offer products with uniquely-tailored formulations that work. “Be sure your product includes at least one of the following: coconut oil for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties; tea tree oil for its antimicrobial activity; argan oil to help strengthen the follicles; hyaluronic acid, [and finally] ceramides, and shea butter, to moisture, hydrate, repair and protect the skin barrier,” adds Dr. Pierre. “And if you have sensitive skin, steer clear of added fragrance as this can cause skin irritation.”

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