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The Best and Worst Celebrity Breast Augmentations, According to Plastic Surgeons

August 16, 2019

Fashion tape, Photoshop and makeup artists who double as magicians make it hard to tell who in Hollywood has opted for breast augmentation and who hasn’t–and, as Pittsburgh plastic surgeon Leo R. McCafferty, MD reminds us, when the procedure is entrusted to a board certified plastic surgeon, it makes it even harder to tell. “The best celebrity breast augmentation and revision is one that’s undetectable,” he says.

Newport Beach, CA plastic surgeon Tim Sayed, MD agrees, adding, “some of the more aesthetically well-done and balanced breast augmentations are the ones where you ask, ‘did she get them done or is it a really good bra?'”

We tapped some of the top plastic surgeons in the country to comment on both rumored and on-the-record breast augmentations and revisions. Below, the cases they believe to be the most well-done–and a few of the worst.

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