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The Big Butt Craze Continues To Rack Up Real Casualties, Expert Speaks Up

January 20, 2015

Butt shape and size is like that Clint Eastwood / Sergio Leone classic spaghetti Western film, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

Great butt enhancement is done safely with a patient’s own fat, and with a proportional esthetic. Bad butt work can lead to death. The ugly? Well, make sure you steel yourself and have a look.

The recent news that a Missouri man was extradited by sheriff deputies in Prince George’s County for fatal butt injections reveals that the illegal “back-alley” butt enhancement business is not going away anytime soon.

Police who issued the warrant for Vinnie Taylor’s arrest say he met the woman at a hotel on March 20 in Capitol Heights, Maryland to give her injections.

Sadly the woman became sick and later died at a hospital. Taylor, who doesn’t have medical training, is charged with second degree murder, assault and reckless endangerment.

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Miami and Washington D.C. have been home to some high profile cases where people have died from toxic poisoning by these illegal butt injections.  A Washington D.C. woman was jailed in 2012 for giving women illegal silicone injections. She was released in February 2014 after 37 months in prison.  Even VICE profiled this cultural phenomenon in their “Buttloads of Pain” feature, the dark side of the roads taken to construct larger derrieres and hips.


Board certified Miami based plastic surgeon, Dr. Constantino Mendieta has been in the butt business for over 30 years.  He is considered the expert in gluteal sculpting, understands the desire for many to acquire a beautiful backside attracts people from all walks of life.

From average women who just want to look nicer in their jeans, to strippers wanting to step up their game, Dr. Mendieta has done reconstructive surgery from botched butt injections to celebrity fat grafting where unwanted fat is repositioned in the right places for a tasteful reshaping of the body.

Unfortunately Dr. Mendieta sees the medical disasters from bargain butt injection victims,  blue and white collar workers, strippers, celebs and average hardworking housewives who have fallen prey to the ‘big booty’ craze.

Dr. Mendieta shared with Monsters and Critics the outrageous lengths that people are willing to go in order to alter their appearance.satisfy a body ideal that celebrates a grotesque enlargement of the derriere.

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Dr. Mendieta says, “Illegal injectibles, such as kitchen grade silicone, tire fix-it, motor oil, cosmetic gels–PMMA gel, Hydrogel–and even cement, are extremely dangerous. I wish I could say cases like this are rare, but they are becoming more and more common place. Anytime you put a foreign substance into your body, there is a risk of infection but add to that a foreign, non medical grade substance that is put in by non medically trained professionals in back alley operations, you are more likely to suffer major consequences than you are to appreciating the outcome. I have spent too many hours of my career battling to save the bodies and the lives of individuals who come to me after they have received illegal injections and surgeries. I cannot begin to stress enough that people need to be very discerning and educate themselves prior to choosing to receive injections. Bottom line: your health is worth more than the money you think that you might be saving at the hands of an unqualified charlatan.”

Dr. Constantino Mendieta

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