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Top Plastic Surgeon Assesses VMA Celebrity Butts VIDEOS

August 26, 2014

One of the world’s top authorities on gluteal sculpting and enhancement is plastic surgeon, Dr. Constantino Mendieta, a Miami board certified plastic surgeon, who literally wrote the book on the subject schooling other physicians on what now is unquestionably the focus of women’s figures these days, a far cry from the boobtastic 1970s-1990s where breast implants were ubiquitous and almost a right of passage for many women.


Nicki Minaj in action at the 2014 VMAs

Dr. Mendieta is a frequent contributing expert to Monsters and Critics who shares his opinions on the female form and who can reshape and sculpt buttocks better than anyone. He explained in a past interview that there were four distinct body booty shapes, and the ideal was the “A” frame, the inverted “V” where the waist-to-hop ration was optimal.

Dr. Mendieta said,  ”Though the actual number varies around the world, most in our business agree that a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 is a significant indicator of female attractiveness compared to 0.9 for men.  Since the 2000 Grammys when Jennifer Lopez wore the famous low cut back green Versace dress that accentuated her bottom, women have sought to refine and sculpt their backsides and the trend is only increasing.”


As for last night’s 2014 MTV Video Music Awards? “Nicki Minaj’s anticipated ‘Anaconda’ performance really underscored the booty as sexual bait despite her poor backup dancer getting injured in rehearsal by one of the boa constrictors,” said Dr. Mendieta. “She has a really fantastic shape and knows how to work it for her stage show. It’s all about proportions and curves. The new approach does not just focus on the buttock… but the entire panorama. It is about waist, curves, silhouette and the actual shape of the buttock.”


The recipient of this year’s Video Vanguard Award, Beyonce performed a medley of songs from her most recent album with support from husband Jay Z and their adorable daughter Blue Ivy.

“Beyonce was also another great example of a woman whose lower half is strong, shapely and sexy too from good diet, workouts and her constant dancing on tour, a fantastic way to get your booty in great shape if squats and surgery are not for you,” said Dr. Mendieta.

Check out Beyonce at this year’s VMAs.