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VASER Hi Def Breast Augmentation. Natural, Sensuous, Glorious

February 2, 2009


Dr. David Broadway and VASER® Hi Def Breast Augmentation change the way women look at Breast Augmentation. Hearing “It’s an obvious boob job” is the last thing a woman would want any person, man or woman, to remark after her investment in time, emotion and money.

Just when one might think interest in new forms of breast augmentations is sagging, fine art meets high tech science in VASER® Hi Definition breast augmentations.

Vaser Hi-Def Breast AugmentationThe science of breast augmentation has been on a steady and routine course these last few years as it’s settled in to accepted techniques. But how many times have you heard someone react to a woman’s robust chest with these words: “It’s an obvious boob job!”

That would be the last thing a woman would want any person, man or woman, to remark after her investment in time, emotion and money.

Modern science has enabled technological improvements to grow at exponential leaps, and it’s certainly that way with VASER’s 3rd generation ultra-sound when used in the capable hands of Dr. David Broadway, Denver’s premier breast man extraordinaire, a true pioneer who’s taken breast augmentation to magnificent new peaks.

Dr. Broadway has invented the gift of gorgeous, sensuous, and natural appearing breasts, the very thing all men and women want in a breast enhancing procedure. His skill with VASER® Hi Def adapted to the woman’s breast elevates the science to skilled, sculpted art. To shape the most ideal breasts, the surgeon needs to have a highly trained aesthetic eye, and absolute precision as to what fat cells to remove and what fat cells to abstain. The result is a sculpted masterpiece that reveals the most appealing breast-round… defined, perky and youthful.

For years, women have been able to increase the size of their breasts with breast augmentation. That is a great surgery to merely add volume to the breast, however, many of those don’t provide the desired subtle nuances, and some women tend to lose the definition and soft curve of the implant due to an excess of fatty tissue in the axilla and the lateral portion of the breast. And the truth is, the artistic competence to sculpt the most ideal breast form is a talent possessed only by a select few. Dr. Broadway’s VASER® Hi Def breast augmentations give the woman that natural and sensual look she really wants. VASER has allowed him the tool to sculpt and achieve the subtle nuances that take a woman’s chest from average to glorious.

Dr. Broadway’s skill with VASER® Hi Def Breast Augmentations is also utilized in breast reductions and makeovers.

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