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‘Vaxxed’ aims to draw attention to potential vaccine dangers

June 1, 2016

CaptureIt’s a film aimed at getting your attention.

“The CDC had committed fraud in the MMR study,” says Doctor Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

“Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” is playing across the country, including the Capitol Theatre in Cleveland where dozens of people purchased tickets for the controversial film.

“It’s not an anti-vaccine movie. It’s about vaccine safety,” says Dr. Wakefield.

“Vaxxed” is a film that advocates the use of single-disease vaccinations. Dr. Wakefield tells us the 90-minute film is based on documents from a whistle blower at the Centers For Disease Control — documents that he says the CDC wanted destroyed.

“A senior scientist coming forward and saying we have known for years that there’s an association between a vaccine (for) measels mumps rubella (MMR) and Autism, and we have hidden that from the public, from the medical professionals, ” said Dr. Wakefield.

Siobhan Justin has been a nurse for more than 35 years. She says for years she was in favor of the combination vaccine MMR until a couple of her children had complications with the shots.

“She suffered greatly from vaccines, although I didn’t know at the time that her seizures and her sensory processing disorder was related,” said Justin.

“The link between Autism and MMR has been totally discredited,” explained Dr. Lolita McDavid of University Hospitals.

Dr. McDavid tells us that combination vaccines are safe and that parents shouldn’t be worried about giving their child the shot.

“There was a study from the Institutes of Health that actually was headed up by Dr. Marie McCormick at Harvard, and they found that there was absolutely no relationship between MMR vaccine and Autism,” explained Dr. McDavid.

“Vaxxed” runs through Thursday at the the Capitol Theater. The filmmaker is hoping they’ll extend the showing an additional week.

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