The Hills, Howard Samuels US News / The Hills Treatment Center Is Calling Someone Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol a Substance ‘Abuser’ Harmful? June 15, 2017


Could referring to a person as a substance “abuser” hurt his or her chances of getting treatment and becoming sober? Does saying someone abuses alcohol or drugs unnecessarily stigmatize that person and affect the way some medical professionals view him or her? (more…)

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Carlo Jobs in Sports / Carlota Zimmerman Sports Networking: 7 Myths that are Holding You Back June 14, 2017

businessmen-786074_960_720The idea of sports networking makes most people uncomfortable. But not taking a step out of your comfort zone can keep you from making valuable connections within your industry. (more…)

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TYLT Huffpost / TYLT Beyond the Tie: Unique Father’s Day Gifts 2017 June 9, 2017

father-day-card-signDad’s tend to be incredibly hard to shop for and I’ve noticed over the last couple years that all Father’s Day gift suggestions have become overwhelmingly underwhelming. Unless your dad is the Great Gatsby himself, I’m really doubting he wants another tie for Father’s Day this year. No matter if your dad rocks socks and Tevas or a slacks and penny-loafers, here’s a some unique Dad’s day finds that go beyond the card.


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Dr. Ming Wang Forbes / Dr. Ming Wang Why China’s Largest Eye Doctor Chain is Focusing on U.S. Market June 9, 2017

800px-Wuhan_Aier_Eye_Hospital_-_P1050072China’s Aier Eye Hospital is looking at a new market: the U.S. (more…)

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