Reader’s / Airvet 14 Best Small Cat Breeds for Every Family March 10, 2021

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The Colorpoint Shorthair is part of the same cat breed family as the Siamese and Balinese. They, too, weigh in between five to 10 pounds. “This breed has the body shape, voice, and personality of a Siamese cat, but can be the colors of the domestic shorthair,” says Jeff Werber, DVM, veterinarian and Chief Veterinary Officer for AirVet. In fact, they come in 16 different colors! “I’ve had a few throughout the years, and they are wonderful cats that are quite inquisitive and curious.” They’ll play fetch, sit on your lap and purr, and remain loyal to their owners.

Weighing between six and 12 pounds, the Sphynx is a small cat breed best known for its wrinkly, hairless body. While they do look a bit ferocious, their personality is the opposite. “The breed has been called the most dog-like of cat breeds because they tend to follow their owners around like a puppy and like to greet you at the door when you come home,” says Anthony Hall, DVM, a veterinarian with AirVet. “That said, these playful and curious cats also love to lounge and can keep themselves entertained, which makes them pretty low-maintenance.” Dr. Hall recommends these cats for families with older children and without other pets since they tend to prefer being the center of attention. Looking for more to love? On the opposite end of the spectrum, these are the large cat breeds that make the cutest pets.


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Popsugar / Airvet Your Cat Can Get a Sunburn From Lying by a Window — Here’s What Vets Want You to Know March 10, 2021


Anthony Hall, DVM, MPH, expert veterinarian at Airvet, shared that cats can, in fact, get a sunburn. “Regardless if your cat spends its time indoors or outdoors, it can indeed get a sunburn the same way people can,” Dr. Hall told POPSUGAR. He said that while all cats can potentially experience adverse effects from the sun, white-haired cats and hairless cats, such as those belonging to the Sphynx breed, tend to have the highest risk.

Because of this, if you have a cat that loves to spend hours soaking up the sun, it is very important that you make sure to stay aware of any signs that could indicate sun damage. Dr. Hall shared that these red flags can include darkening pigment of the skin and burns around the cat’s nose and lips. Just like humans, cats also have the potential to develop skin cancer over time from sun damage.


Read More / Airvet 8 Best Raised Dog Bowls for Mealtime Ease March 9, 2021

Dog eating from elevated dog bowl

But elevated dog bowls can also help slow down eating for dogs that may scarf down their meals.

“The higher elevation can help keep the food down and decrease likelihood of regurgitation,” adds Dr. Anthony Hall, an expert vet associated with Airvet, a pet telemedicine app. “Dogs with certain health conditions (like megaesophagus) actually require a specially made raised bowl in order to eat, called a Bailey chair,” he adds.


Read More / Airvet Best Bolster Dog Beds for Extra Comfort March 9, 2021

Dog in a bolster bed

“Bolster beds may help with certain health issues like acid-reflux,” says Dr. Anthony Hall, expert vet with AirVet, a pet telemedicine app. “If the dog suffers from this, having their head slightly raised may help keep the stomach acid down–due to gravity.”

Hall adds that dogs who suffer from neck pain are also good candidates for bolster beds. It’ll feel good to have their necks stretched out. Hall also says that dogs, who suffer from fear or anxiety issues may feel more secure and comforted by the sides of bolster dog beds.


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