Healthline / Dr. Peterson Pierre Aspirin Can’t Treat Acne, So Experts Say Don’t Use Face Mask Touted on TikTok September 21, 2020


Viral challenges showing and encouraging kids to do things like the “skull breaker challenge” (depicting people tripping someone so they hit their head) has resulted in serious injuries.

It’s also proven to be a conduit for serious misinformation, said Dr. Peterson Pierre, founder of the Pierre Skin Care Institute in Thousand Oaks, California.

“Science has largely been replaced by popular opinion for a large portion of the population,” Pierre told Healthline. “With information overload and no way to properly assess it, people are being led astray.

“Millions of voices are now easily heard and everyone fancies themselves an expert, especially if they have millions of followers,” Pierre said. “Most of these individuals are posers with no formal training or experience in anything skin related.”


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Yahoo! Style / Dr. Peterson Pierre 9 Side Effects of Using Hand Sanitizer September 10, 2020


To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the CDC recommends washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or, if they are not available, using a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Following that advice is essential, but “increased contact with irritants and allergens may increase the risk of hand dermatitis or ‘eczema.’ This commonly manifests on the skin with redness, dryness, cracks, and even blisters that cause itch or pain,” Caroline Nelson, M.D. a Yale Medicine dermatologist and instructor at Yale School of Medicine, tells Eat This, Not That! Health.

The Rx: “It’s important to not overdo the sanitizer and to moisturize after every use,” advises dermatologist Peterson Pierre, M.D., of the Pierre Skin Care Institute.


Read More / Dr. Alexander Rivkin RHONY: Bethenny Frankel Posts ‘No-Filler’ Selfie To Slam Plastic Surgery Rumors September 3, 2020


Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York City called out some of her Instagram followers after the authenticity of her youth was called into question. The star made it a point to promote a natural, makeup-free, and filter-free appearance in order to set an example for her children. However, that’s where the drama began.

Previous housewife and star Bethenny has been included in discussions about celebrities who undergo plastic surgery to maintain their youthful appearances. But the 49-year-old Bethenny maintains that she has never been under the knife. Earlier this year, fans noted some apparent changes in her face — from her jawline to her overall facial shape change. Dr. Alexander Rivkin, an aesthetics specialist added to the conversation by saying, “Her face has a more feminine, oval shape, whereas before it was more square and masculine.” These speculations haven’t seemed to bother Bethenny all that much.


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Yahoo Lifestyle / Dr. Peterson Pierre 40 Worst Health Mistakes Men Make After 40 September 2, 2020


“As we age, our brains shrink in volume, particularly the frontal cortex and hippocampus, areas involved in higher cognitive function and encoding new memories,” says Peterson Pierre, MD, a dermatologist in Thousand Oaks, California, and founder of the Pierre Skin Care Institute.

The Rx: “It’s important to keep the mind stimulated, and one of the best ways to do that is with the brain training app Lumosity,” says Pierre. “This app is personalized and trains key areas of your brain. Just a few minutes a day can help your mind stay sharp and can even help you improve in certain areas.”

When you’re over 40, you can’t ignore any chance to get physical exercise. And what’s easier than move your legs rhythmically to the sound of music? “Studies show that regular physical exercise can reverse the signs of aging in the brain with dancing having the most profound effect,” says Pierre. Dancing decreases risk of dementia, improves your balance, reduces stress and helps you lose calories–and last, but not least, makes you a socially attractive person.

The Rx: Next time you hear some music, show your moves.

“We all know that cardiovascular training is good for the heart and helps keep weight off, but weight training is just as important, maybe even more so,” says Pierre. “Weight training has been shown to have similar cardiovascular benefits and can actually reverse age-related muscle loss. It burns fat, exercises all your muscles, including your heart, lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow to the brain.”

The Rx: Aim to get 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week, including two strength-training sessions weekly.


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Yahoo Lifestyle / Dr. Peterson Pierre 20 Signs of Cancer Usually Ignored by Women September 2, 2020


“In the eternal quest to lose weight, this symptom may be viewed as a blessing rather than a potential warning sign,” says Peterson Pierre, MD, a dermatologist in Thousand Oaks, California. “But this can be a problem, especially if accompanied by loss of appetite or changes in bowel habits. A number of cancers can present this way, including cancers of the esophagus, liver, colon and pancreas, as well as leukemia or lymphoma.”

The Rx: “It’s important to report these changes to your doctor as soon as possible to maximize your quality of life, treatment options and survival,” says Pierre.

Any changes in a mole or freckle, or the appearance of new moles, could be a sign of skin cancer. “Performing self exams regularly and reporting changes to your board-certified dermatologist could lead to early detection and save your life,” says Pierre.

The Rx: “To help with self exams, remember the acronym ABCDE when you’re assessing changes,” says Pierre. “A stands for asymmetry; B is for border changes; C is for color changes; D is for diameter changes, increase in size; and E is for elevation, vertical growth or evolution, a growth that has changed over time.” If you observe any of those, schedule a doctor’s visit ASAP.


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