Yahoo! Life and Style / Dr. Peterson Pierre They say eyelash extensions could spread lice, but is it true? November 22, 2019

“The application of eyelash extensions is a meticulous and delicate work that requires experience, because the eye area is very sensitive,” says Dr. Peterson Pierre, a certified specialist in dermatology and cosmetic dermatology at the Pierre Skin Care Institute.

In addition, the expert advises:
Wash your hands and use clean and disinfected tweezers.

  • Check the labels of all the products you use to make sure they do not contain chemical compounds to which you are allergic.
  • The adhesive you use must be pharmaceutical grade and safe to use around the eyes.
  • Rinse the area immediately after application to remove any adhesive residue.


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Hello Giggles / Dr. Peterson Pierre Read this before you try those crazy-popular at-home extraction tools November 13, 2019


We all live for a detoxifying facial–there’s really nothing some extractions (our personal fave) and glycolic acid can’t fix. However, while a 30-minute facial treatment is always a treat for our pooped-out complexion, there’s no denying that getting facials on the regular can quickly add up. And sure, there are at-home devices that promise to cut down on pricey salon visits, but there hasn’t been a gadget on the market that claims to match the pore-cleansing treatments we get at the derm’s office, until now.

Thanks to industry giants like Rodan + Fields and DERMAFLASH, at-home extraction tools are now a thing. In just the past year, both brands have unveiled blackhead-removing tools that allegedly deep-cleanse your pores in minutes. While these gadgets can indeed cost just as much as (or even more than!) a medical-grade facial, the vice president of product development for Rodan + Fields, Sumita Butani, says they are cost-efficient in the long run, since they can spare you from costly dermatologist visits in the future.

But are they safe?


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InTouch Weekly / Beach House Treatment Center ‘The Hills’ Star Jason Wahler Reflects on His Sobriety Journey’: I Was ‘Lost and Scared’ November 11, 2019

Mike Tyson Golf Tournament in Dana Point, USA - 02 Aug 2019

A changed man. The Hills star Jason Wahler reflected on his sobriety journey, from 2006 to now, and he’s come a long way. “I think the person I was when I was active in my addiction back in the day was a very lost, scared, confused individual to somebody today that has self-worth, passion, motivation,” he told In Touch exclusively. Now, the reality star describes himself as, “loving, caring, kind and somebody who loves giving back.”

The 32-year-old — who teamed up with Hilary Roberts and the Red Songbird Foundation to give away a $100,000 scholarship at The Beach House Treatment Center in support of trauma, mental health and substance abuse — has been candid about his addiction struggles in the past, and surprisingly enough, he doesn’t regret appearing on reality TV. “I think everything happens for a reason,” he explained. “Obviously, there was a whirlwind of everything that had happened. I went through that very public battle of addiction. I went through 14 different treatment centers — from Florida to Hawaii [and] every state in between. But what that has allotted me to do is it created a platform because, you know, I say all great change proceeds with chaos. I had to go through hell to experience the benefits of this.”


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Be Kind & Co / Dr. Jeff Werber Helping Our Pets Age With Grace November 6, 2019


As a veterinarian, I work with a number of rescue organizations, and am often shocked at the number of senior pets that are abandoned at shelters and rescue groups just because they are old! Age is not a disease! Age is a condition that we can prepare for and deal with as time passes.

My family and I had to say goodbye to 3 of our dogs over the past year and a half– all of them living past age 14. It is not fun to watch them get older, but there are a number of things that we can do to help our pets age gracefully, and to keep them healthier as they reach their golden years.
Remember, it’s not about “age,” which you can’t control-it’s all about always being in tune with your furry family member.

First, when is a dog considered a senior? For larger breeds of dogs, usually by 7 years of age, and for cats and smaller breeds of dogs at around 8 years of age. These ages are equivalent to us hitting our mid 50′s!

I recommend preventive medicine as a key to maintaining a pet’s longevity! Many diseases in their early stages are clinically undetectable to us. Some believe it may be an evolutionary “self preservation” phenomenon, as animals who displayed any outward signs of weakness or illness would be a target for a predator. And, unlike many of us, our pets don’t complain– life goes on! This is why it is essential to have your senior pets examined by your veterinarian annually for a physical examination, blood and urine testing. These tests can help identify problems early on, before they become clinically apparent, allowing us to begin preventive measures.

There are a number of diseases that can actually rob our pets of precious years, so prevention, early recognition, early treatment and lifestyle changes can possibly add years, and good quality, to their lives!


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