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Coffee Sales Brew Amid Reports of Higher Harvests, Health-Enhanced Blends, New Technologies

January 6, 2015

Coffee’s health benefits and appeal led to new technologies and enhanced blends, fueling further investment in a drink for the ages. (Photo : Flickr)

There’s vanilla flavoring for your coffee, there are single-serve technologies for coffee, and now there is a coffee that helps you sleep.

No doubt, coffee is among the world’s most popular drinks, and at the year’s end, there are a roaster’s machine full of coffee-themed gifts amid the reports on the positive future of coffee.

So stock up because coffee has a robust future – at least according to the latest report issued by Bloomberg, which predicts good prices for consumers this year.

Colombia, Vietnam and Brazil are key providers of coffee to the U.S. and those markets continue to grow. Brazil, in particular, recorded its wettest month of the year lifting hopes for lower costs for consumers and coffee roasters like Starbucks Corp., Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and relatively new roaster Bird Rock Coffee of San Diego.

Vietnam, the second-largest producer of coffee, and Colombia, whose main export is arabica, are both expected to see their harvests increase as well.

As far as consumer brewing, there has rarely been a development in the coffee world as popular as the relatively new single-serve brew system.

While the K-Cup developed by single-serve innovator Keurig may cost more, consumers have shown they’re willing to pay for convenience.

The single-serve phenomenon has spurred competition including RealCups by Mother Parker’s Tea and Coffee, which also produces the environmentally friendly EcoCup.

Coffee’s adaptable nature enables consumers to drink it at varying temperatures, and retailers say iced coffee makers are increasingly popular.

Even the act of brewing coffee has grown into a special interest, and brewing classes such as the ones offered at the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room are offered daily.

Amid the many reports of coffee’s health benefits is the most recent study that a cup a day will help your liver.

And for the health-conscious, in addition to new varieties of organic blends, there’s even the latest Counting Sheep coffee that won’t keep you awake.

Counting Sheep is a blend of an all-natural herbal sedative and Swiss Water decaf. It contains valerian, an herb that is used to treat sleep disorders and anxiety. And, of course, it’s available in K-Cups.

Counting Sheep Coffee

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