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New Coffee Promises Restful Night’s Sleep

January 6, 2015

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(Kate Murphy) — Do you like drinking coffee during the evening, but hate how it keeps you up all night? The new Counting Sheep Coffee could be for you!
Counting Sheep Coffee features a unique blend of decaf beans and approximately 176 mg valerian root, a natural sedative found in many herbal sleep aids.In addition to promoting more restful sleep, valerian root also purportedly helps ease anxiety, relaxes muscles and aids restlessness. The herb is native to Europe and Asia.

Deland Jessop, co-founder of Counting Sheep Coffee, created this sleep-inducing coffee blend because his wife loves coffee, but like many American’s she is highly sensitive to caffeine.

“The decaf market was ten percent of the coffee market. That’s a huge number of people drinking decaf to begin with.” Jessop told the Boston Globe. “We don’t know exactly how big. But the decaf market is worth billions of dollars, so there is space there.”

Counting Sheep Coffee is available on and select retailers throughout the country in 12 oz. pre-ground packages and individual K-cups for Keurig machines.

The only downside could be the price. Amazon is selling one case of 12 12-ounce bags for $142.95

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