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Counting Sheep Coffee – A Coffee Blend That Actually Helps You Fall Asleep

January 29, 2015

After finding that they couldn’t enjoy a cup of coffee after 3pm without having sleep issues, Deland Jessop and his wife decided to setup a makeshift lab to see if they could design a new blend of coffee that didn’t keep you awake for hours of end.

The result is Counting Sheep Coffee, a blend that mixes decaffeinated coffee with a plant called valerian, which has been used in Europe as a mild sedative for hundreds of years.

“Instead of a glass of wine, we’ll brew up a cup of coffee instead,” said Jessop, who launched the company in 2013. He notes as well that Counting Sheep Coffee is a food product, not a drug to help with sleep, and should only ingested just like any other cup of coffee. Speaking about the use of valerian, associate professor Stephen Bent from the University of California San Francisco said: “In the studies that have been done, it’s been show to be safe […] It has a long traditional history of being used to induce sleep.”

Counting Sheep Coffee is now available from several supermarkets across the US.

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