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Sleep-Inducing Coffee Could Become the Next Nightcap

January 29, 2015

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When you think of sleep aids, coffee usually isn’t at the top of the list. Warm milk, brandy, and sleeping pills are all usual suspects, but coffee? Not so much.

However, you might change your tune when you hear about a new coffee on the scene. Counting Sheep Coffee could change everything for coffee lovers who also enjoy their fair share of shuteye.

It was designed by Deland Jessop, who spent hours in the lab tinkering with coffee after his wife complained of not being able to drink it in the late afternoon. He discovered that adding valerian, a herbal sedative, to decaf coffee created a drink that tastes like coffee — but eases a person into dreamland.

Studies have shown that drinking regular brew within six hours of bedtime can cause serious coffee insomnia. While that problem could easily be fixed by choosing decaf, Jessop’s invention takes the solution one step further by actually improving users’ quality of sleep.

Counting Sheep Coffee is available on Amazon or at Bed Bath & Beyond, where you can see for yourself if it really does the trick.

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