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Counting Sheep Coffee: A Different Kind of Coffee

March 18, 2015

Who would have thought there was such a thing as coffee that could help you sleep? Coffee is looked at as something we use to keep us up at night or wake us up in the morning. Counting Sheep Coffee has stormed onto the scene to change how everyone thinks about coffee. Their line of coffee is geared towards helping people who like coffee get to sleep at night. They gave me the opportunity to try several different types of their coffee. I enjoyed the experience wholeheartedly and would recommend this product to anyone who’s interested.

I’m a person who doesn’t want anything to do with drinking tea. I have not tried a single variety of tea that I have enjoyed. I am eager to try anything people might send my way. There are plenty of companies that are working to change tea as well. I am still waiting for the opportunity to try some good tea. As of right now, I remain in the camp of people who would rather drink coffee before I ever touch a cup of tea. I know there’s good tea out there. I want to eventually be able to drink just as much tea as I do coffee, but that time has not come yet.

I didn’t know what to think when I poured the first cup from Counting Sheep Coffee. It looked and smelled exactly like a pot of coffee I had brewed a couple hours earlier. I took my first sip and was surprised that it tasted like regular coffee too. I forgot that it was going to have the opposite effect that always comes with coffee. Before I knew it, I was taking a very restful nap on my couch. The effect came on gradually, but as I consumed more coffee, the effect became stronger.

Anytime someone has to consume something that’s advertised as having drowsiness as one of its side effects they worry that if they do so, they will get knocked out and end up feeling like they were drugged when they wake up. That’s not the case when you drink one of the fine products from Counting Sheep Coffee. The effect that their products produce can best be described as being similar to Ambien, a drug that gently lulls people to sleep and has no lasting residual effects. Being able to go to sleep naturally while also drinking coffee is something that seems like it has come out of a dream.

The time has come for people to look past their doubts about Counting Sheep Coffee being a noteworthy addition to their collection of coffee products and think about bringing it into the fold. You will find that it will help you get your sleeping schedule on track or allow you to have a restful night’s sleep after many nights of going without. The best part about their products is that there are good people backing them up, which is becoming alarmingly uncommon in this day and age.

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