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Foodie Heaven: Natural Products Expo 2015, What We Loved!

March 18, 2015

Our favorite food convention has left SoCal, but we have had a week to regroup and highlight our taste-tested picks for you to seek out and try in the grocery store!

Counting Sheep Coffee


Deland! Photo by Dan Neale Copyright for M&C 2015

Great Canadian minds create coffee you can fall asleep on! True story: Creator Deland Jessop’s wife loved coffee, but had to cut way back because even decaf java kept her up. Deland puts an idea in motion…what about a decaffeinated coffee infused with organic Valerian root? Valerian root you say, that stuff smells like hell! He managed to blend quality Arabica coffee and Valerian root in a delicious nighttime coffee that is sweeping the country. No bad Valerian root smell either! Currently in Bed, Bath & Beyond and key grocers in Canada and the East Coast, you should really give this a try. Make sure you are near your bed. We liked the strongest of the two versions, Lights Out. No morning after effects and 100% safe and effective. A boon for insomniacs.

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Counting Sheep Coffee