Hollywood Life / Dr. Rian Maercks

How Celebrities Look Beautiful On RedCarpets: The Injections, Fillers & FacialsThey Get — Surgeons Speak

February 27, 2020


The 2020 awards season has been packed with A-list red carpets. And it seems no matter their age, our faves have looked as flawless as ever. So, how do they really stay looking this good?

It’s no big secret that plastic surgery is popular in Hollywood. But these days not everyone goes under the knife. Fortunately, treatments have advanced and stars are now able to rely on non-invasive procedures to keep them looking picture perfect on the red carpet. In honor of the biggest red carpet of the year — The Academy Awards on Sunday Feb. 9 — HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY to two top surgeons to find out about the latest injections, filler and facials that help get them red carpet ready.

Dr. Rian Maercks tells HL: “Sneaky sculpting, a process of applying a small amount of hyaluronic acid fillers in key areas to hide eye bags and highlight the high cheeks to make you more photogenic is the number one trick.”

“Targeted Broadband Light Photo facials for added radiance and blending of the skin,” is recommended ahead of any big appearance.

“A combination of Infrared Light Based Skintyte with radio-frequency devices and Laser to plump the dermis and tighten the neck. Some even opt for a similar combination of therapies to obliterate underarm sweating that can be embarrassing on stage.”

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