Parade / Dr. Rian Maercks Is Your Double Chin Cramping Your Style? Here Are Some Doctor-Approved Ideas for Getting Rid of It June 11, 2020

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Liposuction: The gold standard in double chin reduction, says Rian A. Maerks, M.D., medical director at The Marecks Institute in Miami, is liposuction. “The transformations can be dramatic.” And these day, submental liposuction is not a heavy surgery, according to Pierre. He explains that this can be done under local anesthesia in the office and that you’re awake throughout. “The good thing about this is that it takes an hour or less and the swelling and downtime is not too bad.”


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The Kelly Wright Show/BNC / Dr. Rian Maercks The Kelly Wright Show- Dr. Rian Maercks April 6, 2020

Read More Magazine / Dr. Rian Maercks “Regarding beauty, the most important thing everyone can do in the morning is look in the mirror, smile and express gratitude for the day; There is no replacement for this!” April 3, 2020

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Often the best things to make oneself feel beautiful are in the “mind over matter” category. For example, the most important thing everyone can do in the morning is look in the mirror, smile and express gratitude for the day. There is no replacement for this! Also, do something thoughtful and loving for yourself and at least one other person before you head to work. Then there are certain basics, namely using an exfoliating facial wash to make yourself feel fresh and clean and help skin turnover. It’s also extremely important to use a quality, low weight sun protection with antioxidants before leaving the house.


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Hollywood Life / Dr. Rian Maercks How Celebrities Look Beautiful On RedCarpets: The Injections, Fillers & FacialsThey Get — Surgeons Speak February 27, 2020


The 2020 awards season has been packed with A-list red carpets. And it seems no matter their age, our faves have looked as flawless as ever. So, how do they really stay looking this good?

It’s no big secret that plastic surgery is popular in Hollywood. But these days not everyone goes under the knife. Fortunately, treatments have advanced and stars are now able to rely on non-invasive procedures to keep them looking picture perfect on the red carpet. In honor of the biggest red carpet of the year — The Academy Awards on Sunday Feb. 9 — HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY to two top surgeons to find out about the latest injections, filler and facials that help get them red carpet ready.

Dr. Rian Maercks tells HL: “Sneaky sculpting, a process of applying a small amount of hyaluronic acid fillers in key areas to hide eye bags and highlight the high cheeks to make you more photogenic is the number one trick.”

“Targeted Broadband Light Photo facials for added radiance and blending of the skin,” is recommended ahead of any big appearance.

“A combination of Infrared Light Based Skintyte with radio-frequency devices and Laser to plump the dermis and tighten the neck. Some even opt for a similar combination of therapies to obliterate underarm sweating that can be embarrassing on stage.”


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ABC-10 News / Dr. Rian Maercks Poorly placed fillers can actually make people look older, doctor says February 27, 2020


MIAMI – In the search to look younger, many people rely on injectable fillers, but in some cases, these products are actually making people look older.

“In reality, the most important thing is how the filler is used,” said Dr. Rian Maercks, a plastic surgeon in Miami.

Maercks said most practitioners follow guidelines set by the companies that make fillers, which focuses on the mid-face.

“I call that the no-fly zone,” Maercks said.

He contends that placing fillers in the cheek area can actually age the face.


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Vanity Fair / Dr. Rian Maercks Dr. Rian Maercks on the Latest Treatments in Anti-Aging and More January 3, 2020


Trusted dermatologists and plastic surgeons based in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and London weigh in on the latest beliefs and the most effective advanced-technology procedures and injectables.

Vanity Fair: What’s been the most popular procedure in your office with proven results? Clear + Brilliant? Ulthera? Fraxel?

Rian Maercks: My most popular procedure with proven results is Aesthetic Facial Balancing. Today we have the ability to create dramatic but highly natural-looking results without surgery through the use of hyaluronic-acid-based fillers, which are safe to use in volume. I thoroughly analyze each face for the areas that create the appearance of aging, fatigue, and wrinkles, which is the effect of having lost volume. A.F.B. is a 30-minute procedure that restores youth, eliminates wrinkles, and makes the patient look well-rested and healthy, all non-surgically. Results last for several years. It’s like a face-lift but better, as it only takes 30 minutes and there’s minimal recovery time.


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When plastic surgeons learn how to treat patients who have mid-face volume deficiency, surgeons are typically trained to inject the facial filler directly into the “Y-Zone” of a patient’s face; that is, the balls of the cheeks, the lips, and chin area.

But Rian A. Maercks MD, PA, founder of The Maercks Institute in Miami, Fla, says this longtime industry standard goes against achieving a balanced facial structure. “I’ve never really liked the way filler interventions have looked because they create a new kind of aesthetic that appears unnatural and different,” he says.

He goes on to explain: “When we’re in our youth, late teens, and early 20s, we have some nice padding around our cheekbones that make our faces look supported and elevated.” But over time, older adults naturally collect volume in the balls of their cheeks (Maercks calls this the “volume of age)”. So when plastic surgeons inject filler into the Y-Zone, “we’re plumping up this area where we naturally retain volume as we age. As a result, we’re getting this indeterminate aged-look where people’s faces are fuller and skin is tighter, but they look bottom heavy and strange,” he says.


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Life & Style / Dr. Rian Maercks Kris Jenner’s ‘Unnatural’ Look Is a Result of Poorly Administered Fillers, Says a Plastic Surgeon December 6, 2019

9th Annual WSJ. Magazine Innovator Awards, Arrivals, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA - 06 Nov 2019

As amazing as Kris Jenner looks these days, there’s no denying her face appears to be a bit, er, more enhanced than it once was. With that, Life & Style spoke exclusively with Dr. Rian MaercksOpens in a new Window., a Miami-based board certified plastic surgeon, about the possibility of the KUWTK star, 64, previously going under the knife.

Dr. Maercks, who has never treated Kris personally, spoke specifically about the mogul’s apparent cheek fillers. “Kris’s added cheek volume appears to be very pronounced particularly because of relative emptiness around it. This may be caused by a procedure many actresses have performed where some low cheek fat called Bichat’s fat pad is removed through the mouth,” he detailed.


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Yahoo En Espanol / Dr. Rian Maercks Efecto adverso: las inyecciones cosméticas podrían avejentarte December 2, 2019

AHPR 12-2

Seguro te ha pasado que te encuentras con alguien que hace mucho no veías y, no solo te das cuenta que tiene retoques estéticos en el rostro, sino que éstos, en lugar de hacerle ver más joven, lo avejentan.

En muchos casos, inclusive, el rostro se ve igual al de muchas personas que se aplican inyecciones cosméticas, como si fuese un procedimiento en serie que deja a todos luciendo de manera similar: con el rostro que parece hinchado y las mejillas protuberantes, como si tuvieran dos pelotas de golf.

¿Por qué sucede esto? ¿Acaso las inyecciones cosméticas hacen más mal que bien? Consultamos con Rian A. Maercks, cirujano plástico y fundador de Maercks Institute, quien nos ayuda a entender este… ¿efecto adverso de las inyecciones cosméticas?


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