American Health & Beauty / Vaser Ultrasonic Fat Reduction: VASER Shape vs. Liposonix June 8, 2009

vaser shape before after
Actual VASER Shape Results of Dr. Julene B. Samuels (more…)

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/ Vaser Cougars in the Making June 4, 2009


Q: COUGARS! How does one become a COUGAR?
A: WITH ALL THE HELP SHE CAN GET! World-class plastic surgeons create cunning Cougars’ sharp claws every day. (more…)

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The Denver Post / Vaser Lone Tree plastic surgery office pioneers “lipo-sculpting” June 3, 2009


Surgical tech Bruce McCauley collects syringes of fat to be injected into a patient’s breasts. (Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post) (more…)

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American Health & Beauty / Vaser VASER Hi Def Breast Augmentation. Natural, Sensuous, Glorious February 2, 2009


Dr. David Broadway and VASER® Hi Def Breast Augmentation change the way women look at Breast Augmentation. Hearing “It’s an obvious boob job” is the last thing a woman would want any person, man or woman, to remark after her investment in time, emotion and money. (more…)

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Extra / Vaser Lifechangers: Sculpt Your Body October 27, 2008

Denver plastic surgeon Dr. John Millard is an “Extra” Lifechanger — and one of just a handful of surgeons in the world who perform Vaser Hi-Def Liposculpture, The procedure creates a perfect set of abs without the pain of crunches — and Dr. Millard is answering questions about the quick-fix procedure on “Extra!” (more…)

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