Vanity Fair / Dr. Rian Maercks

Dr. Rian Maercks on the Latest Treatments in Anti-Aging and More

January 3, 2020


Trusted dermatologists and plastic surgeons based in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and London weigh in on the latest beliefs and the most effective advanced-technology procedures and injectables.

Vanity Fair: What’s been the most popular procedure in your office with proven results? Clear + Brilliant? Ulthera? Fraxel?

Rian Maercks: My most popular procedure with proven results is Aesthetic Facial Balancing. Today we have the ability to create dramatic but highly natural-looking results without surgery through the use of hyaluronic-acid-based fillers, which are safe to use in volume. I thoroughly analyze each face for the areas that create the appearance of aging, fatigue, and wrinkles, which is the effect of having lost volume. A.F.B. is a 30-minute procedure that restores youth, eliminates wrinkles, and makes the patient look well-rested and healthy, all non-surgically. Results last for several years. It’s like a face-lift but better, as it only takes 30 minutes and there’s minimal recovery time.

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