Dr. Youdim Parade / Dr. Youdim 6 Easy Brain Tricks to Help You Lose Weight April 24, 2017


Frustrated with your weight loss progress (or lack thereof)? Your brain may be to blame. Shedding pounds and keeping them off has less to do with the food you eat and more to do with what’s going on in your mind, says Eliza Kingsford, author of Brain-Powered Weight Loss. “It starts with learning who you are in relation to your actions,” says the psychotherapist who specializes in weight management. “What are your triggers? How do you manage cravings? How do you handle situations after you’ve gone off track? What are the messages that you tell yourself?” (more…)

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Dr. Ming Wang The Tennessean / Dr. Ming Wang Dr. Ming Wang brings latest laser vision procedure to Tennessee April 21, 2017


The latest in corrective vision procedures will be conducted Friday for the first time in Tennessee. (more…)

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Dr. Youdim U.S. News / Dr. Youdim Medical Schools Vary in Quality of Obesity Education April 20, 2017


As the number of obese and overweight Americans steadily increases, some medical schools are boosting the number of courses they teach about weight management. (more…)

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AHPR Los Angeles Times / Arlene Howard PR If your phone line gets hacked, guess who your service provider thinks should pay the bill April 18, 2017


Arlene Howard’s phone bill said she made a bunch of calls to Cuba, which she didn’t. Her service provider, Charter Communications, acknowledged that her office line must have been hacked. (more…)

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