SCRC Hoy Magazine / Southern California Reproductive Center Infertility Among Latinas May 22, 2017


A growing problem, devastating for women and invisible to society. (more…)

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Dr. Youdim LifeZette / Dr. Youdim The One Doctor You Hope You Never Need May 19, 2017


There’s surprising new demand for a type of medical specialty that never existed before. (more…)

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Dr. Howard Samuels SheKnows / Dr. Howard Samuels, The Hills Treatment Center Drugs Your Kids Know About — & You Should Too May 18, 2017


You’ve heard of coke, crack, LSD and ecstasy, but there are many other drugs out there — which are readily available, and not only from the “street.” “Designer drugs like spice and other ‘legal’ compounds are showing up for sale in gas stations and online faster than the law can keep up,” warns recovering addict Ed Hamill. (more…)

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Dr. Daniel Bober Today / Dr. Daniel Bober PTSD affects 1 in 11 new moms…so why don’t we hear more about it? May 16, 2017


Sarah Allevato couldn’t sleep following the birth of her son. For months, she suffered unexplained anxiety and was plagued by the fear that something would harm her baby.


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