Carlota Zimmerman NY Times / Carlota Zimmerman No Job? Tips for Teens to Fill Idle Summer Time June 23, 2017

Happy Grass Model Denim Woman PersonNEW YORK (AP) — With the number of teenagers working summer jobs in decline since the 1980s, students and their parents have found creative ways to fill summer months. Some still find traditional summer work, while others spend their summers doing a variety of activities and work that can help them pad their college applications. (more…)

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Carlota Zimmerman Mademenoire / Carlota Zimmerman Stuck in a Job You Hate? Don’t Switch Jobs, Change Your Mindset June 22, 2017

depressionYou’re miserable at work. It seems like drudgery to get up and go into the office every day. You’d love to quit, but right now you just can’t make that move. While your situation may seem hopeless, this is the time to stay positive and keep up your morale. (more…)

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Dr. Ravaei Telemundo / Dr. Ravaei Tight Shoes and More Reasons Why Nails Turn Black June 19, 2017


Black nails can be annoying, unsightly, and can even indicate serious health problems. Find out the possible reasons why your nails are dark. (more…)

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Dr. Ming Wang Caixin Global / Dr. Ming Wang China’s Aier Eye Hospital Group Has Sights on Big U.S. Presence June 19, 2017

Seeing a changeChinese eye-clinic giant Aier Eye Hospital Group has made an unprecedented move to open a branch in the United States. But the largest challenge ahead is possible resistance from Americans to a Chinese brand, an Aier executive told Caixin. (more…)

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