/ Dr. Peterson Pierre How to Keep Your Skin Soft and Smooth All Winter Long February 17, 2021

keep skin hydrated in winter

It all has to do with the change in temperature and lack of moisture in the air during the cold weather months.

“Without enough protective oils, moisture escapes from the skin which leads to dryness, an effect that intensifies as the temperature and humidity drop during the winter months,” explains Peterson Pierre, MD, dermatologist in Thousand Oaks, California. Wind and indoor heaters contribute to this problem as well, he adds.

“Unfortunately, dryness can lead to itching and cracks in the skin which can predispose you to infection and it can also cause eczema to flare,” says Pierre. “Lack of hydration can also accelerate wrinkle formation.”


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SullivanSaysSoCal / Airvet Vanderpumping Up Airvet February 11, 2021

A photo of the Vanderpump Dog Foundation

What do you get when you cross a nationally renowned veterinarian, an MBA graduate from USC and a reality TV star?

Peace of mind for pet owners, if everything goes to plan for Beverly Hills-based Airvet, a veterinarian telemedicine startup that has raised $14 million since launching two years ago, with backing from local venture investors Hawke Ventures and Bracket Capital. The enterprise last week launched a program to give anyone who gets an animal from a participating rescue shelter a free telemed visit and a 72-hour window for follow-up consultations–a package of services typically offered for $30.


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Healthline / Dr. Rady Rahban Everything to Know About Liposuction Recovery February 5, 2021

According toboard certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rady Rahban, recovery can be broken up into two categories: immediate and long-term.

“Immediate recovery, meaning when you can go back to work, depends on the areas that are liposuctioned and the technique used,” he explains.

This can take anywhere from 5 to 7 days before you can return to work and 4 to 6 weeks before you can get back to physical activities, such as exercise.

A long-term recovery typically lasts 3 months. This allows swelling to decrease.


Read More / Dr. Peterson Pierre The Startling Connection Between Your Workout and Your Skin February 3, 2021

woman in bathing suit

You know that rosy flush you get after exercise? That is a sign that your skin is being infused with oxygen and nutrients.

“Exercise can be very beneficial to your skin and overall health by increasing blood flow,” says Pierre. “This not only improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, but will also accelerate the removal of waste products and free radicals, thereby protecting the skin from further damage.”

Another benefit of that rosy flush? You can skip the blush and let your natural beauty shine through!


Read More / Dr. Peterson Pierre If You’re in Your 40s, Try This Nighttime Skincare Routine February 2, 2021

woman washing face

I’m a fan of exfoliating a few times a week because it’s known to increase collagen production and polish away dead skin cells (those can make your skin look dull). However, I’m not a fan of super-gritty exfoliants that tend to irritate my skin. In my teens and 20s, I was all about an intense physical exfoliation, but these days, it’s too harsh for my nighttime skincare routine. “When you’re first starting out, you should probably exfoliate once a week, especially if you have sensitive skin,” board-certified dermatologist Dr. Peterson Pierre of the Pierre Skin Care Institute tells Byrdie. “This is primarily to assess tolerability and efficacy. After two weeks, you can progress to twice a week. Ultimately, two to three times a week is ideal.”

My top pick is Tatcha’s The Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder ($65) because it’s created with rice and papaya enzymes to deliver a creamy foam that softens and gently exfoliates. The secret is in Hadasei-3–a trio of anti-aging Japanese superfoods green tea, rice, and algae that promote youthful radiance. Also, this non-abrasive formula also combats uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.


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