Monsters and Critics / Dr. Gregg Nishi Four Cereal Picks For Kids Picked By Top Bariatric Surgeon May 20, 2014

Dr. Kai Nishi of The Khalili Center

The recent news about sugar consumption with children via breakfast cereal is so alarming that it sounded a wake up call with medical professionals, academics, nutritionists and parents last week.

Imagine putting 10 one-pound bags of sugar in front of your child and then asking them to eat that. They do this annually if you read the average statistics for kids in the USA. (more…)

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Monsters and Critics / Dr. Gregg Nishi Paul Stanley and Local Doctor Inspire And Help Ecuador’s Microtia Kids May 1, 2014

stanley kids
A Thank You from the kids in Ecuador for Paul Stanley

KISS fans the world over know handsome leadman Paul Stanley, who after 40 years of recording and touring still cuts an enviable lean muscular frame onstage.


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Les Norman / Dr. Gregg Nishi Les Norman – Dr. Kai Nishi May 1, 2014

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Monsters and Critics / Dr. Gregg Nishi Top Robotic Surgeon on ‘The Doctors,’ April 28, VIDEOS April 29, 2014

kai 5

Today on CBS, “The Doctors” aired a special episode where a woman whose weight has fluctuated her whole life finally breaks down and seeks help from the best in the business for gastric and bariatric surgery, the Khalili Center of Beverly Hills, California.


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Univision / Dr. Gregg Nishi Cirujano advierte a los niños que no los quiere operar en el futuro April 1, 2014

Crédito: Cortesía Khalili Center

Se trata del Dr. Greg Nishi, un cirujano de Los Ángeles especializado en cirugía bariátrica, que en forma voluntaria asiste a las escuelas para compartir tips de nutrición y actividad física. Su intención es que los niños adquieran hábitos saludables para no llegar a ser obesos de adultos.


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