MIRROR UK / Brian McCarty ISIS stole this photographer’s image and used it for a propaganda poster December 8, 2015

Brian McCarty was stunned to find that the terrorist group striking fear across the world were using one of his shots in their publicity material

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KCET / Brian McCarty Here’s What Happens When ISIS Appropriates Your Artwork December 8, 2015
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Hyperallergic / Brian McCarty Photographer Discovers ISIS Has Stolen His Artwork December 8, 2015
Photographer Discovers ISIS Has Stolen His Artwork

McCarty’s original image, part of his series WAR-TOYS (All images courtesy Brian McCarty)

Many artists have suffered the indignity of having their work ripped off by one big company or other. But few have experienced the particular pain, as Brian McCarty has, of having their art illegally appropriated by ISIS. (more…)

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Daily Dot / Brian McCarty ISIS stole this dude’s photo, turned it into propaganda December 8, 2015

If, as a photographer, you discover somebody stealing your photo and using it for their own purposes, there’s plenty you can do. (more…)

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UNILAD / Brian McCarty ISIS Are Now Stealing Your Photos And Using Them As Propaganda December 8, 2015

ISIS Are Now Stealing Your Photos And Using Them As Propaganda

In 2012, photographer Brian McCarty took a series of photographs in Gaza as part of his WAR-TOYS Project, exploring war from the perspective of children who have to live in it every day. (more…)

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Refinery29 / Brian McCarty The Heartbreaking Story Behind An Image ISIS Passed Off As Its Own November 23, 2015


Artist Brian McCarty uses art therapy to work with children in conflict zones, encouraging them to express and reflect on their firsthand experiences with war. The U.S.-based artist then re-creates these scenes as photographs using locally found toys. (more…)

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Radio National / Brian McCarty ISIS stole my photo November 12, 2015



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CBC Radio / Brian McCarty What do you do when ISIS hijacks your art? November 9, 2015

Photographer Brian McCarty recently learned that his artwork had been co-opted by ISIS. Of all the photos they could have chosen, he says this one was particularly painful. (Brian McCarty/ISIS)


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foxla.com / Brian McCarty ISIS steals Los Angeles photographer’s image to use as propaganda November 9, 2015

A photo taken by a well-known Los Angeles photographer was hijacked by the terrorist organization ISIS and altered as recruitment propaganda. (more…)

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dailymail.co.uk / Brian McCarty ISIS stole artist’s photo and used it as propaganda to recruit new members via Twitter November 9, 2015
  • Brian McCarty’s photo depicts Cinderella with missiles falling overhead
  • ISIS swapped the Cinderella figurine and replaced it with its black flag
  • It is based on a drawing by a girl in Gaza and is meant to promote peace
  • McCarty was stunned when he learned his photo was being used by ISIS
  • Terror group had been using the image on social media sites for a year
  • Photoshopped image continues to pop up on the internet, said McCarty
  • For full coverage on the Islamic State visit http://www.dailymail.co.uk/isis (more…)
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monstersandcritics.com / Brian McCarty Artist Brian McCarty’s Photographs Hijacked By ISIS November 6, 2015
Artist Brian McCarty's Photographs Hijacked By ISIS

The photo taken in the Gaza Strip to become a piece of propaganda. (Courtesy/Brian McCarty)

Imagine if your art was stolen and used in propaganda ephemera and digital platforms by ISIS? (more…)

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losangeles.cbslocal.com / Brian McCarty West Hollywood Artist Says Photo He Created Of Cinderella In War Zone Was Hijacked, Used By ISIS As Propaganda November 6, 2015

WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — A local artist and photographer is furious after he says ISIS terrorists hijacked his work and are now using it as propaganda to recruit new members. (more…)

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