Prevention / Southern California Reproductive Center 8 Reasons Your Period Is Lighter Than Usual January 25, 2017


When most of us complain about our periods, we kvetch about those heavy flow days and the bloating, cramping, and exhaustion that can go along with them. So if your period suddenly becomes very light the whole time, it might seem like a good thing. While less bleeding may very well make you more comfortable, it could be a sign something’s gone awry. (more…)

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Bustle / Southern California Reproductive Center 11 Surprising Things Your OB/GYN Wants You To Know January 11, 2017


Sex education and women’s health magazines cover some important topics, but there are still so many things women don’t know about their vaginal and sexual health. No one knows better about these facts than your gynecologist, and there are a number of surprising things your OB/GYN wants you to know. You may be afraid to ask, or maybe you’ve just never thought about it before, but there are lots of topics regarding self-care and sex that many women don’t know that much about. (more…)

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MIT Technology Review / Southern California Reproductive Center Rejuvenating the Chance of Motherhood? December 9, 2016


An audacious startup thinks it can give 40-ish women a better shot at having children. Should desperate would-be parents believe it? (more…)

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Glamour Health / Southern California Reproductive Center 6 Signs Your PMS Is Something More Serious December 7, 2016


While at least one symptom of PMS affects 85 percent of women, severe discomfort or moodiness before your period could actually be a sign of something more serious. Some women spend years not realizing they suffer from endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), or another major health problem because they’ve confused it with run-of-the-mill PMS. (more…)

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Prevention / Southern California Reproductive Center 12 Things That Could Be Messing With Your Guy’s Sperm December 7, 2016


If your quest to get pregnant isn’t going so well, don’t automatically assume that you’re the culprit. Though women usually get most of the blame for fertility problems, a third of cases are caused by issues related to the man (one third is due to the woman, and the remaining cases are caused by a combination of problems in both partners, or for unknown reasons). For men, many fertility troubles are due to problems with their sperm, and the 12 factors below may all negatively impact those swimmers. (more…)

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LinkedIn / Southern California Reproductive Center STDs at an all-time high: 7 effective ways to prevent STDs November 4, 2016


In October a new CDC report found that sexually transmitted diseases have reached an all-time high in the United States. Moreover the CDC earlier conceded that STDs can cause permanent damage leading to infertility. (more…)

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