Monsters & Critics / Champion Juicer Five Stealthy Ways To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables July 23, 2015


We’ve all been there as parents. Your stubborn kid; the modern O.K. Corral aka the dinner table; the big wheedling, cajoling, outright threats and ultimately the stare down over the vegetable portion of the plate.

Then the bargaining trades of extra fruit to compensate the lack of veggie love (it does not) as Junior eats the mac and cheese or the nuggets…and the green beans stand alone until they are dehydrated green twigs.  Kid – 1, Parent – 0. (more…)

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Top Noth Material / Champion Juicer Champion Juicer | Making Healthy Eating More Possible! June 22, 2015
I recently really wanted to try juicing and luckily Champion offered me one of their juicers. After
looking at their site and their juicers, I definitely wanted to try it out.


I was so excited for the juicer to come that I had a lot of my fruits and veggies all ready to go. So within a day or two of receiving it, I made my first juice with household unit. Since this was my first time ever using a juicer especially this one and I didn’t want to mess up, I relied heavily on the manual and videos that Champion have. I really loved the fact that they had videos. I mean, I love manuals and pictures help with step by steps, but videos help so much more. At least for me it does. (more…)

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Grocery Alerts CA / Champion Juicer Review of the Champion Juicer June 17, 2015

purple passion


This week we’ve been in the kitchen playing with the Champion Juicer. Ever since my encounter with fresh cold pressed juice at a breakfast buffet in Queenstown, NZ Hilton Resort, I’ve been anticipating my love for fresh cold pressed juices in my own home.

Most of us know that there are tremendous health benefits to juicing. I’m not going to go into why it’s healthy for us to juice because I’m not a nutritionist and I ‘m also not qualified to do so. What I am qualified to do is tell you about my experience with juicing and how it has been changing the way I feel and look using the Champion Juicer. (more…)

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Parenting OC / Champion Juicer Parenting Magazine June 15, 2015


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Dad of Divas / Champion Juicer I’m Getting Juiced This Fathers Day With A Champion Juicer! June 15, 2015

 photo disclaimer_zpsaa1cb05b.jpg

I have talked before that I like to stay and eat healthy, and one of the ways that I do this is through making smoothies in the morning. I am a purist when it comes to this and really try to use everything in the fruits and vegetables that I eat. This being said, I have been hearing lately the benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables and the health benefits that you can get from this as well. I guess Champion Juicer heard of my health kick and they reached out to see if I would give their new Champion Juicer 3000 a try. I said, what the heck and jumped into it with both feet, even though I really had a lot to learn. (more…)

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Mama Smith's / Champion Juicer 2015 FATHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE June 15, 2015

Welcome to another #TwoBlogsFunGuide! We are presenting the 2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide to celebrate Fatherhood. We have items that Dads will love, keep, and enjoy as they continue being the best dads they can be! Each item on this guide was personally tested and approved by one or the both bloggers (and their families): Women and Their Pretties or Mama Smiths. Please enjoy and remember to keep coming back because new items are added daily! (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Champion Juicer Foodie Crush: Butternut Squash Macaroni & Cheese June 2, 2015

Mac and cheese 2
There’s nothing like taking a classic recipe that is the cornerstone of all comfort food, Macaroni & Cheese, and making it even more delicious and healthier by slashing the carbs a bit and including more vegetable into your daily meal. (more…)

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Simplistically Living / Champion Juicer Grads & Dad’s Gift Guide May 28, 2015



With Graduation season upon us and Father’s Day right around the corner, I thought now was the perfect time to share with a Grads and Dads Gift Guide.

This guide is meant to help make shopping for gifts a little easier! (more…)

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Good 4 Utah / Champion Juicer Glam Products for the Whole Family May 22, 2015

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Mom Central / Champion Juicer Juicing Like a Champ at Home with the Champion Juicer May 19, 2015


Champion Juicer 01As a longtime vegetarian, I love fresh fruits and vegetables and incorporating as many types of fresh, healthy and hearty produce as I can into each meal and snack. I enjoy delicious fruits and vegetables in the form of a cold-pressed juice as often as I can. Many retailers sell fresh juice near my office and apartment, but often for the hefty price tag of $9 to $12 a glass. The convenience of being able to make a fresh juice at home when craving a glass saves both time and money, and I am so excited to have found a product that allows me to produce high-quality, nutrient-dense juice and other fresh fruit and vegetable products – the Champion Juicer (more…)

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Studio A of Fox 6 Now / Champion Juicer Mother’s Day Gift Guide May 4, 2015

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Shortcut Saver / Champion Juicer 2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide April 22, 2015


caress forever collection
Caress Forever CollectionThe Caress Forever Collection is the world’s first body wash with fragrance touch technology. The breakthrough technology of Fragrance Release PearlsTM releases bursts of perfume with every touch of your skin. The collection delivers long-lasting, unforgettable, fine fragrance for up to 12 hours. Choose from Adore or Love forever fragrance.


Original Post –

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Monsters & Critics / Champion Juicer April 2015 Food Obsession: Whipped Frozen Bananas Make Perfect ‘Ice Cream’ April 7, 2015

April 2015 Food Obsession of the Month: The magic of frozen bananas! You heard me right, this “secret” has been a well known default for vegans and the dairy challenged for awhile.

You can take plain frozen bananas and with the right tools process them into a custard-like “ice cream” with the Champion Juicer!

No bloat, thin thighs and clear arteries to the heart…what’s not to love?  Even those who think they hate the flavor of banana are shocked at how neutral tasting frozen whipped banana actually is… and the best part is you can incorporate a bunch of ingredients like chocolate, peanut butter, almonds, pecans, and other fruits to create a different flavor profile in a snap. The banana flavor really does take a back seat to the add-ins.


My favorite kitchen magic trick baffles those who had no idea this fruit can morph so easily into soft serve “ice cream.”  Take nice yellow ripe bananas, peel them, break them up roughly into chunks, put them in a plastic lidded box or a plastic bag tightly closed and freeze them.

Tip: I also freeze the masticating auger (careful with it, it is sharp, lay it inside a plastic container) of the Champion Juicer too to make the ice cream creamier. Freezing the bananas first is essential!


Take frozen bananas from freezer and feed into the upright tube of the Champion Juicer, and alternate with add ins like nuts, chocolate, peanut butter or whatever you dream up, and let the magic flow from the exit tube. You must make sure the solid “blank” plate is on the Juicer so the frozen fruit can whip inside the emulsifying tube before exiting.

The frozen banana instantly becomes the consistency of the sort of soft ice cream you’d find from Dairy Queen. It can be eaten immediately or put in the freezer to firm up more.

I experimented just a bit and added a splash of vanilla extract to the frozen banana procession into the juicer. I also added chocolate powder, chips, and found that alternating these ingredients along with some almond butter netted a delicious version of chocolate “ice cream.”

Make sure to keep it small batch initially until you get the hang of this. I used just two frozen bananas for each of my experiments and this does whip up into a nice portion. One banana makes a good-sized bowl!

The magic of frozen bananas will really surprise you, and the neutrality of the flavor the whipped frozen fruit takes is also a shocker.  If all your friends are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-allergic, or a no-added-sugar diet, you will become obsessed with this delicious cheat on traditional ice cream.

ice creammaxresdefault
One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

Makes 2 servings, about 1 cup

What You Need

1 large ripe banana

Cutting board
Airtight, freezer-safe container
Champion Juicer

Peel the bananas and cut them in half. Put the bananas in an airtight container.
Freeze the bananas for at least 2 hours,  but ideally overnight.
Feed the frozen banana into the Champion Juicer outfitted with the blank plate, make sure you have a bowl to catch the extruding frozen fruit.
Transfer to an airtight container and freeze until solid: You can eat the ice cream immediately, but it will be quite soft. You can also transfer it back into the airtight container and freeze it until solid, like traditional ice cream.

Here are a few favorite mix-ins to zazz up your whip:

  • Spoonful of almond or peanut butter
  • Drizzle of honey, or a splash of vanilla
  • Cocoa powder sweetened or chocolate chips
  • A few almonds, pecans, walnuts
  • Spoonful of Nutella
  • Scoop of chocolate chip cookie batter
  • Half a teaspoon of cinnamon, cardamom, or ginger

Simple Strawberry Banana “Ice Cream”

4 large bananas, frozen
4 cups strawberries, frozen

Add frozen bananas and frozen strawberries alternating into feed tube of Champion Juicer. Place in container for freezer after you stir up the frozen whip to perfectly blend.

There are no preservatives in your ice cream, so it will freeze solid. Simply remove from freezer 10 minutes before serving to allow to soften slightly. If freezes and keeps beautifully!

Peanut Butter and Chocolate “Ice Cream”

3 frozen bananas
4 tablespoons all natural peanut butter
1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

Feed frozen bananas and peanut butter into feed tube of Champion Juicer. Alternate with Chocolate Chips and stir up the frozen whip as it comes out of the extruder tube. Transfer to a resealable container and place in freezer for 3-4 hours.

If you decide to leave it in the freezer, just allow it to sit at room temperature for 10 minutes or so to soften before serving.

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Champion Juicer

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Monsters & Critics / Champion Juicer How To Make Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Large Batch Green Juice March 18, 2015


Have a HELL-thy Holiday! No green beer! Time to think about your waistline thanks to chef Gordon Ramsay, who goes green for St. Paddy’s with his St. Patrick’s Day Juice!  Ramsay is all about keeping healthy and fit. (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Champion Juicer Esquire: St. Patrick’s Day Green Juiced Beer With Brew Dogs And Best Bars VIDEOS March 12, 2015


TV Picks: Erin Go Beer eh? Yes, that was for you Canada.

This is your official green juiced Esquire St. Patrick’s Day Programming Alert: Green Beer Brew Dogs And Best Bars on St. Patty’s day!

Behold:  Beer and green juicing, this is an amazing combination!

On March 17, you can watch the first episode of Best Bars In America, set in San Francisco, as well as the second episode of Brew Dogs in Brooklyn, absolutely free online.

Additionally, catch up on the entire last season of both series…



To get you in the St. Patrick’s Day mood, here’s the snippet of the Chicago episode of Brew Dogs, from season 2, in which James and Martin brewed the greenest beer ever… all you need is the Made in the USA Champion Juicer, fresh jalapenos and some citrus green hops to juice!

Make sure to tour the booziest cities in the country with Jay Larson and Sean Patton — comedians, best friends, experienced drinkers and now hosts of Esquire Network’s Best bars In America. They have the best job in the world. The task? To explore the best bars this country has to offer, inspired by Esquire magazine’s annual rundown. Wednesdays at 9/8c on Esquire Network.

In the season two premiere, comedians Jay Larson and Sean Patton kick off their nationwide bar tour in San Francisco, where they find a detective-themed speakeasy, try their first waffle shots at a boozy brunch, and get punch drunk with Academy Award winner Nat Faxon.

Brew Dogs sees  James Watt and Martin Dickie, founders of the fastest growing brewery in the UK, makers of the world’s strongest ale, and evangelists of the craft beer movement return for a third season of craft beer anarchy. This season, the guys are taking it global to celebrate distinctive craft beers by creating locally-inspired draft in major cities throughout the world.

Brooklyn (April 8, 10/9c) — James and Martin head to Brooklyn, the craft beer epicenter of the East Coast, and team up with entrepreneurial home brewers Stephen Valand and Erica Shea of the Brooklyn Brew Shop as well as modernist chef Wylie Dufresne to create the ultimate Big Apple Beer.

**Viewers can find them via VOD on their set-top boxes or EsquireTV Now (on desktops, or via the EsquireTV Now App for iPhone and iPad). The entire Season 1 Best Bars and Season 2 Brew Dogs are available on demand, and the two pre-linear episodes for Season 2 of BEST BARS IN AMERICA and Season 3 of BREW DOGS will be unauthenticated, meaning anyone looking to watch can do so, even if they don’t have an account or access to Esquire Network currently.

Be sure to tune in to catch the returns of BEST BARS IN AMERICA and BREW DOGS Wednesday, April 1 at 9/8c.

Best Bars:

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Monsters & Critics / Champion Juicer One Shot, Two Shot, Three Shot Score! Wellness Delivered In Potent Doses March 12, 2015


There’s a trend right now in the juicing and wellness world, where one or two ingredients are combined to specifically address certain ailments and ward off disease. Think preventative, preemptive strikes against everything from cancer to diabetes, inflammation to weight gain. There’s a juice for all of that and then some. You don’t lollygag with these powerful concoctions, you shoot ’em down fast and get about your day!

That’s why I adore wellness shots – freshly pressed short list ingredients for shot glass sized slammers. Shots are quick hits of concentrated nutrition. A fantastic shot to make is of spicy fresh Ginger, Lemon, and Turmeric root.  You can vary the ratio but trust me, this powerful juice will keep you feeling great.  It does burn a bit going down initially.

Power shots like Wheatgrass or Turmeric deliver a fast burst of energy almost immediately, and boosts the immune system. You can make these shots in many different combinations to address different ailments. Wheatgrass shots require a special juicer. Don’t try using your centrifugal juicer at home. You need the (USA made solid metal constructed) Champion Juicerwhich is a masticating juicer, the best!


The weird looking (think ginger root marries a baby carrot) Turmeric packs curcumin which is fat soluble, so have this shot with something that has fat like avocado toast or eggs or something similar. Absorption is increased too if you dust those eggs with some old fashioned black pepper. Black pepper is reported to boost curcumin’s bioavailability by 1,000 times, “due to black pepper’s hot property called piperine,” says says nutritionist Stacy Kennedy of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.


Turmeric juice is a vivid yellow-orange, and delivers natural energy with an earthy flavor tinged with a bit of a ginger note, though not as palatable to me as pure ginger.  Curcumin is reportedly a powerful fighter in the war on premature aging, reducing depression, managing arthritis, perking up alertness and controlling blood sugar, and act as a painkiller, among other things.

Lemon is an immune system booster and provides a concentrated dose of vitamin C to the body. They are natural detoxifiers and have a diuretic effect. Lemons are alkaline in the body(crazy, as they seem so acidic in taste) which makes them great for balancing the pH of the body. Hot lemon water first thing in the AM is a great way to start the day.

My favorite for all juicing, Ginger root, is anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-histamine, it lessens body aches and pains, and calms down an upset stomach.

Juicing is an addendum to healthy eating and isn’t a meal replacement.  Juicing is nature’s vitamin pill and should be consumed like a supplement within 20 minutes before a complete meal. A good rule of thumb to follow is to wait at least 2 hours after a meal to drink a green juice and wait 20 minutes after drinking a green juice to consume a meal.

According to the Food Babe, Vani, “Juice (and smoothies) are all food and should be chewed. It’s important to swish around the juice in your mouth or move your jaw up and down for a couple of seconds before swallowing it to release saliva that contains important digestive enzymes. The digestive enzymes are crucial in delivering key nutrients to your cells.”

Also please remember to rotate your juicing greens (kale, chard, spinach, mustard greens, collards, dandelion, arugula, etc.) in your juice each week to prevent build up of oxalic acid, which can affect your thyroid gland and worsen (or cause for some people) kidney stones. This rotation of greens provides a better balanced amount of different vitamins and minerals for your body.

Pure raw organic carrot juice by itself is rich in cancer fighting nutrients: vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and carotenoids including Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and lignans (enterolactone). It also is a good natural source of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, silicone and chlorine.

The carotenoids and vitamin A have shown a strong ability to inhibit cancer induction not only by viruses, but also by chemicals and radiation as well. At least part of the effect is from these nutrients acting directly on the genes, according to cancer researchers Silvio De Flora, Maria Bagnasco and Harri Vainio.

Now I do not want to alarm you, but getting back to Vani, the American Food Babe who singlehandedly made Subway get the azodicarbonamide out of their bread, writes: “Did you know that Campbell’s V8 Juice has possible dead animal parts inside?”

She writes:

“I thought the “V” stood for ‘Vegetables’ – but I guess I was wrong. ‘Natural Flavor’ is one of the most deceptive ingredients on a label of any product – it could mean anything found in nature, including ingredients you weren’t expecting like meat! Campbell’s confirmed their “flavoring” may include “meat/seafood/poultry/dairy” this week on Twitter and within their question chat box on their website with us. They also confirmed they don’t offer any vegan products – this means the “100% Vegetable Juice” claim on the label of V8 is just plain FALSE!”


Here is her version of  Homemade V8 Juice

Serves: 1

  • 2 medium carrots
  • 1 small beet
  • 1 large tomato
  • 1 cup spinach (rotate your green weekly)
  • ½ cucumber
  • ½ red bell pepper
  • 1 celery stalk
  • 1 garlic clove
  • pinch cayenne pepper (optional)
  • ½ lemon, juiced


Wash all fruits and vegetables and place into a large bowl.
Place all ingredients through a Champion juicer, except the lemon juice.
Stir in lemon juice before serving and clean juicer immediately.

Green Machine: Get in the Wheatgrass swing of things now that it’s March!

Okay it does taste like grass and is pretty powerful, remember these are not sippers, but slammers! This little shot provides a concentrated amount of nutrients like vitamins C and E, and beta carotene plus other antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s thought to have antibiotic aspects and may help individuals with Ulcerative Colitis. If you have allergies to certain grasses please avoid drinking this!

Turmeric Root Shots! Go Yellow And Prosper:

Get that Champion Juicer at the ready, you’re going to juice:


  • 1 – 2 inch root of Turmeric
  • 1 – 2 inch piece(s) of ginger
  • 1/2 – 1 whole lemon
  • pinch of cayenne pepper

1. Wash ginger, turmeric and lemon.
2. Peel lemon (or leave on rind for more zesty nutrients and bitter flavor).
3. Juice ginger, turmeric then lemon in your Champion juicer.
4. Pour juice shot into small glass and sprinkle cayenne pepper on top. (Cayenne pepper contains a high concentration of beta carotene, which helps rid the body of free radicals that cause cell damage and protects against infection)
5. Drink fast!

beet drink

Turmeric + Cherry
As a shot, turmeric + cherry is loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds, especially those that may help to Ease Your Joints. Choose tart, fresh cherries for maximum benefits.


  • 4 inches of turmeric root
  • 1/2 – 1 cup of fresh cherries, pitted

1. Wash and cut turmeric.
2. Wash and pit cherries.
3. Juice turmeric and cherries.
4. Drink fast!

Basic Green Cancer Fighting Machine Juice:

Chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants, oxygenates your blood, creating increased brain function and physical energy and gets your digestive track happy, happy, happy!  Use a Champion Juicer to prepare large batches if you are making for a family:


  • 1 large cucumber
  • 8 stalks celery
  • 2 handfuls kale, or spinach, or chard (rotate greens weekly)
  • 1 handful parsley
  • 1/4 lemon (with rind if organic)
  • 1-inch piece ginger
  • 1/2 medium beet

Nurse Ginger Shot: When You Think You Might Be Getting Sick:

Ingredients to juice in Champion Juicer:

  • 1 2-3 inch piece of organic ginger
  • 1/2 lemon
  • Add- 1 pinch cayenne pepper

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Champion Juicer

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S.I. Parent / Champion Juicer Giveaway – Get Your Juice On! February 19, 2015

S.I. Parent is celebrating National Nutrition Month this March by giving away a Champion Juicer! The Champion Juicer is a masticating juicer specially designed to avoid the destruction of essential vitamins and nutrients by slow-crushing to avoid friction heat. It’s perfect for making healthy and delicious MOMMY-MADE baby food; and it’s so quiet you can even use it while your little one sleeps! Make soups, shakes, juices, dips, gluten-free pizza crust, or even cocktails for a well-deserved ladies night! A $265 Value!

Amazon Gift Card

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Champion Juicer

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Monsters & Critics / Champion Juicer Beyoncé’s Life Changing Vegan Challenge, Launches 22 Days Nutrition February 3, 2015


Monsters and Critics loves healthy food and the people who make it easy, wonderful vegan and green experts like Sophie Uliano of Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family and Carol Alt, who has been a raw food devotee for a decade.  These women are top of their game in the wellness diet advice arena. (more…)

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Sophie Uliano / Champion Juicer JUICE OR SMOOTHIE…or both! January 29, 2015


The whole juice bar thing has been trending for a while now, and with no shortage of juice joints cropping up in every city, I just wonder if this is a passing fad, or they are here to stay. But the big question that I want to address is: Which is healthier – a juice or a smoothie? Most of these juice bars offer both, but for those of you who are wanting to make your own at home – do you invest in a really good juicer, or a really good blender? Loads of questions, so let’s tease this out a bit. (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Champion Juicer Review: Made in The USA Champion Juicer Is Versatile, Best In Category January 15, 2015

juice use2

Bottom Line: The Made in the USA Champion Juicer is a quiet powerhouse that will make 2015 a veggie-full year! (more…)

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