American Healthy and Beauty / Dr. Andre Berger What Price is Beauty in the Wrong Hands? February 14, 2014

What Price is Beauty in the Wrong Hands?


Dr. Andre Berger, a cosmetic surgeon and anti-aging expert who has performed hundreds ofVampire Face-Lift procedures says, “This is another unfortunate example of the serious risks of putting your cosmetic needs above common sense and allowing unlicensed individuals to perform cosmetic treatments. The Vampire Face Lift is a seemingly innocuous and perfectly safe procedure in the right hands and as this proves, it can be a fatal disaster in the wrong hands.”


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Celebzster / Dr. Andre Berger Top 5 New Cosmetic Trends for Celebrities for the Award Season February 13, 2014
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Celebzster / Dr. Andre Berger Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far: South Korean Woman Accused of ‘Ruining Her Face’ January 30, 2014
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Late Night Health Radio / Dr. Andre Berger Dr. Andre Berger on Late Night Health Radio January 28, 2014

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KTLA / Dr. Andre Berger The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription January 15, 2014

The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription


“Do you find yourself frequently moody and tired? Are you forgetting things more easily and often? Stressed out by life’s daily challenges? Do you look in the mirror and wonder where your healthy body and youthful appearance have gone? It doesn’t have to be that way. Turn back the clock and improve your quality of life.”

More information about the new book is available here.

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