Dave McCoy Alaska Beyond Magazine / Dave McCoy Ski Lessons November 2, 2015
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Dave McCoy Sierra Heritage / Dave McCoy The Adventure Continues October 29, 2015
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Dave McCoy motorcrossactionmag.com / Dave McCoy 2015 EDISON DYE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD WINNER: DAVE MCCOY October 29, 2015

Tom White will be awarding Dave McCoy the Edison Dye Lifetime Achievement Award on Sunday, November 8, at the 2015 World Vet Championships.

This was truly a “Day to Remember,” but for me it was more like six days to remember. However, it was the 6th day that will be etched in my mind for as long as I live. I left on the Wednesday before the Monster Cup on my motorcycle for Las Vegas with the main objective of join Glen Helen manager Lori Wilson for a Thursday meeting with MX Sports to discuss the 2016 AMA Motocross Nationals. Wednesday night was fun as I joined Lori, her sister Karen and Ms. World Vet Motocross Alexis for dinner. Not so bad, three lovely gals, all to myself, and they even tried to teach me how to win at the slot machines. They failed! I enjoyed the meeting, as all of the MX National promoters were in the room. We have become a pretty tight group with only one goal: to put together an amazing MX National series. (more…)

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Dave McCoy California Sportsman / Dave McCoy Still Blazing Trails at 100 October 26, 2015
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Dave McCoy Malibu Chronicle / Dave McCoy California’s “Real McCoy” is Turning 100! September 8, 2015

by Penny Griego

While Malibu is famous for its warm sandy beaches, plenty of residents in the “Bu” spend cold winter days on the slopes of Mammoth Mountain. In August, the man who built that ski area is turning 100. Dave McCoy defied his critics who said the mountain was too remote, too cold, and too alpine to ever be home to a popular ski resort. But, with the help of a small group who believed in his vision, McCoy turned Mammoth into one of the top skiing destinations in the country. McCoy says the people in the Eastern Sierra “are resourceful, dedicated and adventure loving. It makes waking up every day a new experience.” (more…)

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Dave McCoy Sunset Mag / Dave McCoy Mammoth Mountain Ski Resorts Founder Turns 100 & He only Stopped Skiing a Few Years Ago August 25, 2015


Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort founder Dave McCoy turns 100 today, and to celebrate, he’s launching a $100 for 100 campaign through his Mammoth Lakes Foundation, the non-profit he founded to support higher education in the Eastern Sierra.

The aim is to get one hundred people to donate $100 by the end of today. If that happens, McCoy will match their donations at 100%. All the proceeds will go to the foundation. (more…)

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Dave McCoy The Orange County Register / Dave McCoy A Real Mountain Man: Founder of Mammoth is turning 100 August 24, 2015


Dave McCoy said he’s a fun-loving man, not a businessman.

And that quest for fun and adventure, he said, has led to his long and successful life. McCoy, founder of Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, turns 100 on Monday. (more…)

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Dave McCoy powder.com / Dave McCoy For the Love of Skiing August 18, 2015


FOR MOST, RETIREMENT COMES AS A WELCOME REPRIEVE–a chance to stop working, stop moving, stop planning. For Dave McCoy, the man who sculpted Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, there has been no such pause. McCoy will celebrate his 100th birthday on August 24, yet another milestone that would permit a man to clock out, but he’s not interested. After McCoy opened the first chairlift at Mammoth on Thanksgiving Day, 1955, he spent five decades–never once taking a vacation–making his mountain a great place to ski. Though he sold the resort in 2005, marking an end to his 50-year tenure that resulted in 38 chairlifts and more than 4,000 acres of skiable terrain, McCoy hardly called it quits. (more…)

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Born in August 24, 1915 (yes, he’s turn­ing 100 this year!), Dave McCoy is best known for founding the Mam­moth Moun­tain Ski Area back in the 1940s. How that happened is the stuff of leg­ends. Since then, McCoy has not only kept active (he only stopped ski­ing in 2008 after a knee injury) but he’s also been involved in the design of the Rhino, an elec­tric four-wheel off road vehi­cle or UTV he still uses to explore the Mam­moth area. (more…)

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Dave McCoy Monsters & Critics / Dave McCoy Mammoth Food & Wine Experience, Dave McCoy’s Celebration In June, Details June 17, 2015



Outdoors and nature aficionados, skiers, hikers, mountain climbers and bikers in California owe a debt of gratitude to one man who had an idea of a place where families could thrive, prosper, play and work hard.  This coming June 26 & 27, there’s a must-experience, affordable fun festival of food, wine and fellowship scheduled to honor American visionary Dave McCoy and to celebrate the community he helped build. (more…)

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Dave McCoy Mountain Living / Dave McCoy The Man Who Built Mammoth Mountain is Turning 100 May 28, 2015



The man who built Mammoth Mountain is Dave McCoy, and he is turning 100 years old this August. (more…)

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