Born in August 24, 1915 (yes, he’s turn­ing 100 this year!), Dave McCoy is best known for founding the Mam­moth Moun­tain Ski Area back in the 1940s. How that happened is the stuff of leg­ends. Since then, McCoy has not only kept active (he only stopped ski­ing in 2008 after a knee injury) but he’s also been involved in the design of the Rhino, an elec­tric four-wheel off road vehi­cle or UTV he still uses to explore the Mam­moth area. Continue reading

Five Stealthy Ways To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables


We’ve all been there as parents. Your stubborn kid; the modern O.K. Corral aka the dinner table; the big wheedling, cajoling, outright threats and ultimately the stare down over the vegetable portion of the plate.

Then the bargaining trades of extra fruit to compensate the lack of veggie love (it does not) as Junior eats the mac and cheese or the nuggets…and the green beans stand alone until they are dehydrated green twigs.  Kid – 1, Parent – 0. Continue reading

6 Co-Parenting Tips That Really Work


Divorce can be hard on all of the parties involved, especially children. Separated and divorced parents will still need to communicate in order to make decisions about their kids. While it can be challenging to have a neutral relationship with an ex, it’s important to try and separate those feelings from your parenting duties.

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Lipo, The Four Letter Word That Menopausal Women Love

Natural menopause occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 55, with the average age being 51.4 years of age. In rare moments, menopause can occur as early as the 30′s or as late as the 60′s. Weight gain is another sign of changing hormones and the metabolism slowing down.

There are medical experts who cite decreasing hormone levels tied to weight gain and redistribution of fat. Menopause unquestionably sees physical changes occur when the female body ceases pumping estrogen, but the most vexing for so many is that weight gain – specifically increased abdominal fat -  which seems to get worse each year.

Despite abstemious diets and regular exercise, many watch their mid-sections swell and obfuscate the normally smaller waistlines that make a woman have the hourglass shape they grew up with and enjoyed as adult women. Menopause and these changes that occur in the hormonal balances stoke abdominal padding. Continue reading

How to Be More Empathetic in Conversations


Empathy typically isn’t a trait that springs to mind when you think of professional relationships. But Gail Gross, Ph.D., a family, relationship and child development expert and the host of the PBS radio show Let’s Talk, says empathy is the most important characteristic for relationships, whether at work or with family members or friends. Continue reading

What Is Your Parenting Style?

Authoritarian. These parents are characterized by the rules they expect their children to follow, unquestioningly, no exceptions, leaving little room for negotiation and discussion. There is also little room for children to solve problems that arise them, warns Cathy Durand-Horne, educational coordinator for academies Kids ‘R’ Kids . Do you recognize in this group?
Under this style of parenting, children may have conflicts to solve problems, low self esteem and lack of confidence in their own ability to make decisions. At the same time, they would be big fans of rules and never defy authority, according to the expert. Continue reading