We are the gift that keeps on giving!

We are the gift that keeps on giving! Our client, Healing Herbal Soups are ecstatic to hear their segment on LA Unscripted will be airing again on January 9th showcasing the amazing healing properties of Chinese herbal medicines. Don’t believe us? Check what our client, Genevieve Wong, says about us: “We really enjoyed being with you and your service was a wonderful experience for my mom. The book was a dream project for her and I just want to see her happy.” Continue reading

Drinking Water from Air: Local Company Finds Niche Selling Atmospheric Water Generators

Engel contacted the company, which turned out to be Santa Monica-based Skywell. He ultimately ordered a pair of the company’s atmospheric water generators – and a 100-gallon storage water tank to go along with them. Total up-front cost: about $5,000.

And not a moment too soon. Less than two weeks after Skywell’s water system was installed at Engel’s home, Southern California entered a 10-day heat wave. Unlike many of his neighbors, Engel was able to draw water from his Skywell system and the storage tank to save his plants and trees.

“It was a godsend,” he said. For Skywell, this summer’s sizzling temperatures has sparked increased interest in its machines that extract water out of the air.
“We’re getting calls now from concerned homeowners who can only water once or twice a week: neither limit keeps their lawns and plants from dying,” said Ron Dorfman, Skywell’s founder and chief executive. “We can offer them their own private water reserve.”

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On Celebrity Deaths, Fandom Friends, and How to Grieve Online

“Fandom can provide a powerful social support network for the participating individual, and for some it is their only social support network. As such belonging to a fandom group can be a powerful coping mechanism as social support is critical to mental health and coping,” Dr. Syd Miller, host of On-Call with Dr. Syd, shares via email. “Fandom can also provide a source of validation for yourself, your values and your interests. These are all critical factors in developing a healthy self-esteem, which is also critical to good mental health. This may be particularly important in the teen years where individuation is occurring, when teens are developing a sense of self.”

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Parents call it ‘gut-wrenching’ to send kids back to school after Uvalde shooting. Here’s how experts say to cope.

As kids head back to school, experts say it's important for parents to address any worries they have about school shootings. (Photo: Getty Creative)

Therapist Syd Miller says those feelings most likely did not disappear over summer vacation. “Parents are terrified by the thought that when they drop off their child at school or put them on the school bus, it might be the last time they ever see their child alive again,” he tells Yahoo Life. Miller says these feelings are real, raw and extremely challenging to process.

So how can parents manage both their own anxieties — and those of their kids — as classrooms begin to reopen for a new school year?

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“Diamoneer” for teeth that shine like diamonds

Sagonia Lazarov, a YouTuber, shows off the Diamoners

Many celebrities resort to expensive and possibly unusual cosmetic surgeries. While Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow are among the famous people who like to use bee venom for the face, their skin usually looks flawless. Others chose snail slips as a common ingredient in many cosmetic procedures. Some specialists claim to be a powerful moisturizer and also have anti-aging properties. It also helps people get rid of hyperpigmentation and impurities. Sounds like a miracle cure, doesn’t it? Anyway – the latest in the world of beauty is diamonds… Women resort to all kinds of treatments that include “diamonds” from facial peeling products to body care products, and now also teeth – to achieve the perfect desired smile. Diamonds may look great on the ring, but they can also make wonders for your skin.

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