Lead and Pregnancy – Cause for Concern?


Avoiding lead is not always that easy. Even if you don’t have a job in construction or plumbing, you may still come across lead in the paint and dust in older homes, and in everyday items such as candy and make-up, as well as soil and tap water. If you’re trying to conceive or already pregnant, it helps to know if lead is an issue of concern.

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Bye-Bye Mom Bod


If I had a quarter for every time I heard a mom say having kids “ruined” her body, I would be filthy rich. While some women wear their stretch marks and crepe paper skin proudly, plenty of women would prefer to have their old bodies back. And for some, no amount of exercise or toning exercises can lift and tighten sagging breasts and bellies or eliminate stubborn pockets of fat.

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What to Know If You Suspect You Have PCOS


As science learns more about the complexities of PCOS (otherwise known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), women are catching up, too. Zocdoc recently reported that over the last year searches for the term “PCOS” are on the rise, which hopefully means more of the projected 8 to 20 percent of women that have it are getting it checked out.

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What to Say–and What Not to Say–to Someone Going Through IVF


If you have difficulty conceiving, it’s comforting to know that in vitro fertilization is an option. That said, no one ever actually wants to go through IVF. The process involves money, hormones, self-administered shots (often in your butt or stomach), and a lot of emotional highs and lows. And it doesn’t help that people don’t really know how to act around you when you’re going through it.

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China’s Largest Eye Doctor Chain Is Looking To Expand To The U.S.


The Chinese eye hospital chain put $50 million towards a U.S. subsidiary late last year, establishing a fully-owned subsidiary Aier (U.S.A.) International Holdings Inc. In addition, the company acquired its first facility in the U.S. for $17 million in April – Wang Eye Institute in Nashville, Tennessee. Now it’s looking for more locations.

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