SYTYCD star Mary Murphy’s Italian comfort food diet

SYTYCD star Mary Murphy's Italian comfort food diet
Diet, Italian style for Mary Murphy – Fox Summer All Star Party – West Hollywood – West Hollywood, CA, USA © Andrew Evans / PR Photos

“So You Think You Can Dance” Celebrity Judge Mary Murphy is the new U.S. Spokesperson for the Tisanoreica Diet.

The Tisanoreica Diet, the most popular weight-loss and management program in Italy, announced today that Mary Murphy, the international ballroom dance champion and judge of Fox-TV’s multiple Emmy Award winning hit series “So You Think You Can Dance,” now in its 10th season, will become the company’s celebrity spokesperson in the U.S. according to the press release.

Founded in 1911, Tisanoreica (pronounced “TEE-sahna-ray-ka”) is a widely known brand in Italy where its herbal health products are found in virtually every household.  The Tisanoreica Diet program is based on the evidence-based, patented “Decottopia” herbal extracts that are based on centuries old formulae developed by the Mech family of Vicenza, Italy and which contain no alcohol, no sugars nor preservatives.

So we were curious, and noodled around and found some bloggers who are actually doing this diet. blogger Nicole has lost a considerable amount of weight and even took pictures and journaled her experience on the diet that lets you eat pasta, bread, rice and tiramisu – their way of course – while you whittle down.

We’re in! Watch for our coming review of this new diet soon on M&C.

“We’re extremely proud to have Mary Murphy as the face – and figure! – of the Tisanoreica Diet in America,” said Tisanoreica CEO Gianluca Mech. “Mary is the epitome of American grace, beauty and enthusiasm,  and we’re thrilled to have – to use her own words – this ‘hot tamale’ represent our emerging brand in the  U.S.”

The nickname tells a story: The ”Italian Comfort Food Diet” was introduced last month to the U.S. and is currently available for purchase online and in select health spas nationwide, including Mr C’s in Beverly Hills, CA.  More than a line of product, the Tisanoreica Diet method is a complete system of integrated weight management targeted at beauty, health and wellness.

“What I love about the Tisanoreica Diet herbal meals is that I never feel deprived on them,” said Murphy.  “I’ve tried other diets in which you’re either feeling famished or tired.  As a dancer who must keep physically fit, and now as a dance judge who must stay mentally alert during auditions that can stretch on for hours, that’s important to me.”

More about the Tisanoreica Diet:

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We spend so much of our workday sitting at our desks and that sit which leads to a slouch–leads to pain. Here’s how to eliminate it.

First of all if you must sit–sit right. Pelvis underneath your ribcage…skull over the ribs and then reinforce that with strength. Hands interlaced behind your head–push your head strongly into your hands and feel the upper back and neck to fire up to stabilize.

When you let go your head will literally levitate off your body and you will feel better posture. The forearm muscles for holding onto that mouse. That mouse which isn’t lightweight it’s like a toddler pulling you off to the side constantly.

Take your balls, yoga tune up balls or tennis balls stick them in a tote, place them on your desk take your forearm and drive it inside of the balls that rolling action will kneed and compress those tight tissues and you will be free of pain.

Lastly one of these areas that are under known but causing us tons of agony are the muscles that connect your thumb to the rest of your hand. Plop your hand right on top of that ball use the other hand for added pressure and then mow the hand up and down letting the ball caress into that junction or side to side or my favorite spin the ball like you’re juicing oranges here.

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Dr. Nicolas Nikolov Does Smart lipo on America Now w Great Results

Renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Nikolov shows how great Smartlipo is for reducing under arm fat and tightening up the patient’s skin.

Go to Dr. Nikolov’s site for contact information, found here:

Smartlipo’s site:…


Now a story about one of the latest trends in plastic surgery: A remedy for what they call ‘the bat wings!’ You know that saggy back part of the upper arm! We decided to check out Smart Arm Lipo.

Every since Michele Obama took the national spot light people have been taking about those arms. And now more women are getting their own great guns, not from exercise and diet, but with a little help from the doctor.

Lipo suction used to be the treatment to battle arm fat. But plastic surgeon Nicholas Nikolov says not any more!

“Liposcuction has historically fallen a little short. It’s gotten an improvement but not a great result,” says Nikolov.

Smartlipo is the latest treatment to fight saggy arms.

“Using smart lipo which is a laser based energy and it’s a laser assisted liposuction we’re able to go in and melt some of the fat away and more importantly now we can tighten the skin,” says Nikolov.

Rita Badadwin has just had her arms done after she tried to tone them on her own.

“I tried everything I mean exercising I was even on the liquid diet. So I tried everything you can imagine and it still didn’t work,” says Badadwin.

According to the doctor Smartlipo not only tightens the skin but also gives arms better definition, and the scaring is minimal.

Dr. Nikolov says it takes about month to see the improvement and then the arms will keep improving for the next two years. He told us that if you stay in shape and don’t gain weight Smartlipo will last a lifetime.

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