Are Brands Being Genuine in Their Ethical Campaigns?

Rebecca BrooksBy Rebecca Brooks, Partner and Co-Founder, Alter Agents

Honey Maid, the venerable brand of graham crackers whose very name evokes sepia- toned memories of the good ole days, launched a cutting-edge advertising campaign last year that is a model for all other brands seeking to be genuinely “genuine.” We’ve all heard that the evolving, self-aware consumer wants brands to be more “real” and “authentic,” but what does that mean? Continue reading

How Hospitality Brands Balance Global and Local in Their Marketing

Hotel Concierge

Hotel brands face a marketing conundrum: Though they may be national or global brands, the average consumer experiences them on a local basis. Travelers may have a general preference for one chain or another, but when it comes to deciding which specific property at which to stay and how much they enjoy the experience, it comes down to local. So how should global hospitality brands manage such a bifurcated marketing strategy? Continue reading

33 Branding Experts On How Subway Should Handle Foglegeddon


It’s a safe bet no one envies Subway’s marketing team – or its reported new CMO - in the wake of the unprecedented implosion of its longtime spokesman. The brand is facing a situation that will likely become a reputation management case study for years to come. While Subway wasn’t complicit in the actions of its longtime spokesman, Jared Fogle, the range of responses from branding experts – from laying low to undergoing a major shift and seemingly everything in between – underscores the complexity and delicate nature of the issue at hand. Continue reading

Mammoth Mountain Ski Resorts Founder Turns 100 & He only Stopped Skiing a Few Years Ago


Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort founder Dave McCoy turns 100 today, and to celebrate, he’s launching a $100 for 100 campaign through his Mammoth Lakes Foundation, the non-profit he founded to support higher education in the Eastern Sierra.

The aim is to get one hundred people to donate $100 by the end of today. If that happens, McCoy will match their donations at 100%. All the proceeds will go to the foundation. Continue reading

For the Love of Skiing


FOR MOST, RETIREMENT COMES AS A WELCOME REPRIEVE–a chance to stop working, stop moving, stop planning. For Dave McCoy, the man who sculpted Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, there has been no such pause. McCoy will celebrate his 100th birthday on August 24, yet another milestone that would permit a man to clock out, but he’s not interested. After McCoy opened the first chairlift at Mammoth on Thanksgiving Day, 1955, he spent five decades–never once taking a vacation–making his mountain a great place to ski. Though he sold the resort in 2005, marking an end to his 50-year tenure that resulted in 38 chairlifts and more than 4,000 acres of skiable terrain, McCoy hardly called it quits. Continue reading

Things To Know About Compulsive Hoarding


Hoarding starts in adolescence

Although hoarding usually doesn’t manifest fully until adulthood, the seeds of hoarding are typically planted in adolescence, says Gail Gross, PhD, a nationally recognized family and child development expert, author, and educator. The average age when symptoms first appear is 13, according to the APA. “There may be a genetic link to hoarding,” says Gross. In fact, a 2008 study published in the journalGenes, Brain and Behavior suggests that a certain gene may lend itself to a greater susceptibility to hoarding. Hoarding symptoms also tend to run in families, according to a 2015 study published inDepression and Anxiety. Continue reading