Snow blindness: How snow, the sun’s UV rays can temporarily damage your vision

When Krista Canfield McNish hiked up to Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit with her friends, she was already aware of most of the trek’s potential dangers.

“We’d had some pretty bad avalanche conditions that were there; there have actually been some deaths along that area of the trail before,” said McNish, the founder of the FoodWaterShoes lifestyle blog.

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According to Experts, This Diet Rule Is the Key to Weight Loss


When trying to lose weight, the specific diet plan you’re on might not matter much. What experts say gets you pound-shedding results is an equation called CICO or “calories in, calories out.” For weight loss to work, you have to restrict calories in some way, so it doesn’t quite make a difference if you’re eating keto, Whole30, Paleo, or gluten-free, so long as you’re making sure you take in less calories than you’re burning.

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