Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Here’s an interesting Mom’s Day gift: an immunity boosting cookbook based on ancient Chinese recipes handed down mothers and daughters through the generations, dating back to the BC’s. HEALINGHERBAL SOUPS Boost Your Immunity and Weather the Seasons with Traditional Chinese Recipes is a complete guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the first book of its kind ever to be written in English. The unique book was written by mother-daughter, Chinese-American duo Rose Cheung (mother, entrepreneur and sponsor of a patented herbal formula used to treat diabetes in Asia) and Genevieve Wong (four-time Emmy-nominated television writer and former cooking producer.)  Genevieve, who suffered for two decades from conditions like eczema, allergies, and asthma, and by default, began to learn about the healing powers of Chinese herbal soups that help cure anything from flu to canker sores to stress and much more.

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Questions to Ask Your Partner to Take Your Relationship to Next Level

Shot of mature couple having morning coffee in kitchen

You don’t have to agree on everything in order to enjoy a satisfying relationship. However, it’s important to align on big issues or at least have a plan to work around major differences.

“Ask whether you share the same core values and beliefs regarding marriage, children, and spirituality,” says Syd Miller, PsyD. “These issues may not be relevant now, but they will be in the future. If you do not share the same values this is probably not the long-term relationship for you.”

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Psychologist Dr. Sydney Miller On Why Freeing Yourself From The Past Is The First Step To Surviving & Thriving From A Divorce

Part of the divorce progression is leaving the past in the past, accepting the things you cannot change and moving forward to new pastures. It sounds easy on paper, but you really need to invest the time and do the work to make this important step successful. How do you do that so you can survive and thrive in your “new reality?” It simply starts with not letting any negative thoughts weigh you down because bad energy is draining, not good for the complexion, and gives off a bad attitude. The goal is to be a magnet and attract everything good so you can get your happy ever after. Enter Dr. Sydney Miller. Dr. Miller is a renowned psychologist in Canada and former host of “On-Call with Dr. Syd” on iHeart Radio. In addition to helping people cope with stress, depression, burnout, anxieties, fears, relationships and family issues such as a divorce, Dr. Miller is also a professor at the Department of Psychology at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

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High Cardiovascular Risk Associated With Symptoms of Depression

Sydney B. Miller, Ph.D., a Canadian psychologist, told Healthline the study shows the effect depression and a bad diet can have on one another.

He noted the relationship can be “modifiable.”

“One explanation for this relationship may be that plasma cholesterol levels taken from a bold sample may reflect brain cholesterol concentrations, and those may affect central nervous functioning, including depression,” Miller said.

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Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally


Blood pressure (BP) is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). In blood pressure readings, the top number represents systolic BP, the pressure during a heartbeat, while the bottom number represents the diastolic BP, the pressure between heartbeats.

High blood pressure is considered anything above the normal level of 120/80 mmHg, said Rose Cheung, the California-based co-author of “Healing Herbal Soups: Boost Your Immunity and Weather the Seasons with Traditional Chinese Recipes.”

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Eating in Harmony with the Seasons


Rose Cheung and Genevieve Wong are a mother daughter duo based in LA who published their book Healing Herbal Soups in 2021. Rose grew up eating traditional herbal soups in Hong Kong. Genevieve suffered from asthma that she healed with TCM. Driven to share information that is often inaccessible to those who don’t speak Cantonese or read Chinese, they used their own extensive experience, in conjunction with an herbalist, to make a cookbook that is a safe and interesting way to introduce people to commonly used food therapies.

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Is The Hourglass Mommy Makeover The New Mommy Makeover?

The addition of fat to the butt and the surrounding areas gives a more feminine curve to the lower part of the body. While it may seem counterintuitive that adding fat can create a more desirable shape, it most certainly can. Plus, the additional fat makes a lower hip-to-waist ratio that ‘cores out’ the lower back for a more sculpted appearance. In some cases, patients may need to add fat to the buttocks to make their legs look more proportionate to the rest of their bodies, and it may be the opposite for others, says Constantino Mendieta, MD, a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Miami.

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12 Best Healthy Cookbooks of 2022

Healing Herbal Soups

It seems like every season is cold and flu season these days, so fortify your immune system against icky bugs with the Healing Herbal Soups cookbook. Written by a Chinese-American mother-daughter duo, this book is a complete guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine and is the first of its kind to be written in English.

Chinese people have been eating these healthy soup recipes for centuries, passing them down to each new generation–and now your health can benefit from these recipes, too.

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